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Toronto Airport-- Part 1

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Travel

[Breakfast: 2 MorningStar sausage patties and an apple suncake]


Let’s talk about Evan Rachel Wood. I understand that she’s at that age where you think that you know everything and her boyfriend, Brian, (aka Marilyn Manson) is the ultimate bad boy intellect that many women have fallen for. But why does she insist on becoming more and more like Dita Von Teese? I mean, isn’t it creepy to style yourself after your boyfriends ex-wife? Perhaps ERW should be dating Dita. Could she have made the mistake of watching The Black Dahlia multiple times and that’s where her obsession lies? DK and I saw ERW and Brian in Toronto a couple of times. I assume they were on the way to Chicago for her Oprah appearance when we spotted them at the airport. I wanted to walk up to ERW and mess up her perfectly curled hair and tell her that she should leave the airport trench coat look to Angelina. I will say that I was shocked at what a good voice she had during her Oprah appearance, but what was up with the Goth outfit? I wish a stylist would talk some sense into ERW and at least orchestrate a look for her that is less contrived.


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