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Toronto Airport - Part 2

Part of: Fashion , Food , Gossip , Hollywood , LA

[Breakfast: oat milk and oat bran cereal]


One of my new flying attire additions is on sale at The Gap. Buy it and you won’t be sorry. When I flew from LAX to Toronto on Canadian Air (thankfully, not on a domestic airline), I wore it along with a Cameron Diaz-esque scarf that I had bought a couple of months earlier. The funniest thing was when in flight some guy practically stuck his head in my face trying to see if I was someone famous. I had gotten cold and had my hood over my head and my scarf wrapped around my neck. I guess it could be construed as star-like behavior considering that Jake Gyllenhaal was on board wearing sunglasses for most of the flight. I don’t get the point since he took them off while walking through the aisles of the plane with his buddy to stretch his legs. (FYI: I still don’t get why everyone thinks that Jake Gyllenhaal is soo hot—he’s such a boy, even with a beard.)

Waiting to board the flight had been annoying since I couldn’t get away from all the obnoxious Hollywood people. There were all these thirtysomething agency associates who thought that they were too cool for school. It’s understandable for early twentysomethings to feel this way about an entertainment industry job, but if you’re over thirty and feel the need to talk loudly about all the famous people you know and only talk shop, then you aren’t where you should be in the Hollywood food chain (because you would be on your cell phone working if you were) and you don’t have a life. It’s just sad.

Oh, DK and I were super psyched to have sandwiches from Grateful Bread to chow down on for lunch. If you live in LA, GB is worth the drive to Santa Monica. I especially love their low-fat apple bran muffins. It’s always worth it to bring food on a flight. Our flight was made a lot better because we had gotten to the airport early and scored Emergency Exit row seats. They were the next best thing to upper class seats which were impossibly expensive due to the late acquirement of our tickets.

I have to say that it’s not fair that famous people get an airplane escort who takes them to an expedited customs office far away from the lines that the rest of us have to wait in. I was surprised that Jake’s escort was some chick who obviously couldn’t protect Jake from crazed fans. I would have asked for security if I were Jake, because Canadians are more star struck than Americans--that's scary.. Remember that for my later stories.


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So happy you're posting more-- loving the TIFF coverage :)

"Canadian Air?" Do you mean Air Canada?

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