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Haunted by Heath

Part of: Hollywood , NYC

I can’t get Heath Ledger out of my mind. It’s weird because he wasn’t my favorite actor or anything. Of course, he was about to become a major movie star and now his legacy has been halted. I really don’t know anything about him whatsoever except that he didn’t like attention from the press, had a daughter, was in a relationship at one time with Michelle Williams and was a talented young actor. I feel very sad for Michelle Williams and for their daughter Matilda, especially. My eyes are watering up as I write this and my throat hurts. Heath was in the middle of filming the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus directed and written by Terry Gilliam. Do you know what happens when a principal dies during production? The movie dies as well. This is also a tragedy. IMDB already has Heath’s death listed and now only his name is listed as part of the cast of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, not the character that he played. IMDB works fast. They could’ve waited until he was buried. Sure, Hollywood goes on, but Heath’s death will affect it for some time. Whenever his fellow actors go on press junkets to promote a movie that he was in, his death will overshadow the film. This is too bad, because the art that he created while he was here should have its own life and his performance should be celebrated, not weighed down by his death.

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i agree. the media puts it in your face- glorifies it....this is a private matter, and should be, out of respect to his family. the media goes crazy over this stuff!

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