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I See More Stars*

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[Breakfast: Egg whites with spinach and onions. Green tea.]


Yesterday I was walking down W. 3rd Street with my friend and her baby (my first friend who has a baby!) and a desperate paparazzo squatted in front of us and snapped a picture of Nicky Hilton before she went into Joan's on Third with her forgettable boy du jour. To be fair, I think that it was Nicky Hilton's Balenciaga bag that inspired me to get one--well, it made me aware of the latest ones anyway. And she does tend to have good taste in handbags. The other few times I've run into her she looked like a pretty normal girl and appeared prettier than her sister, Paris. This time my tabloid and BAT obsessed friend and I had a hard time recognizing Nic until she was in front of us. She'd stolen her sister's old Barbie extensions and dirtied them up with some ugly lowlights. This girl can afford to get blowouts every day and really should partake because her hair looked dirtier and stragglier than MK's. It appeared that Ms. Hilton also had been partying too much because her skin did not look good. My friend was surprised that Nic had some meat on her bones--and that's a good thing. It's always nice when a skinny girl's metabolism changes and she doesn't work out to compensate for it. Nicky is not fat, but she clearly doesn't work out and I'm pretty sure that she's quite the boozer. Having a booty is a good thing. Paris has the flattest ass you've ever seen.

*I don't consider Nicky H. to be a star. I'm sure you guys can think of other words to replace that word.

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Pics of Nicky @ Joan's


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