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I See Stars

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[Breakfast: a slice of low-fat peanut butter pie and a Tazo green tea]

MK_Third1.jpg MK_Third-more1.jpg

I’ve become quite sick of celebrities because they really aren’t that interesting. However, it’s hard to ignore celebrities when they’re in your new hood. There are lost of restaurants and shops that are celebrity magnets on W. Third St. I saw Drew Barrymore visiting her chiropractor the other day. She’s cute, but not even half as cute as she is on the big screen. When she opens her mouth I’m sure her personality makes her darling, but I’ll probably never know. I would describe her weight as normal skinny-she’s probably a size 6 or 8 as has been reported. It’s refreshing to see an actress who isn’t emaciated. As for the non-stars that I saw—Stavros at Toast and Giovanni Ribisiat Quality—both sitting outside—I could care less.

Last Friday I had a star sighting that I never expected to happen. When you write so much about a certain star, they become more of a character and how easy is it to think of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as cartoon characters? What’s sad is that I recognized MK from behind because of her crazy S&M hooker shoes, beyond skinny legs in black skinny jeans, voluminous top and grungy hair. I figured that it had to be an Olsen or Olsen wannabe. I’ve only seen such skinny legs on drug addicts or victims of eating disorders, so I figured that everything added up to a real live Olsen. I was pretty positive that it was MK, but her collagen enlarged lips confused me. Ashley used to be the only Olsen who favored fish lips. Also, MK tasted a multitude of cheeses at the cheese bar at Joan’s on Third. People with eating disorders do eat, though. Her face was caked on with foundation to hide her bad skin (who knew?) yet she didn’t appear to be wearing any other makeup. She did wear her black sunglasses almost the entire time. While her friends sat eating she did some shopping for what I assumed was a new year’s soiree. MK also ordered a large coffee---shocking, I know. I knew for sure it was MK when she uttered her real name for her drink pick-up. She seems like a sweet girl who wants to hang under the radar. I mean, it takes guts not to wash your hair/or product out of it so you resemble a homeless person, yet not mind donning shoes that look like a torture contraption. Oh, and her bag du jour was a classic brown Balenciaga.

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missed you tons! glad you're back!!! =)

tell us abt your holidays! anything upcoming thats fun... fill us in!

yes, yes! Welcome back.

I see them everywhere (or one of them anyway.) and by everywhere I Starbucks.

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