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Jessica Alba Shops for Sundance

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Alba , LA
jessica_harmony1.jpg jessica_harmonymore1.jpg

I guess that Harmony Lane in Beverly Hills is a huge celebrity magnent. Maybe I'll have to check it out after I get waxed on Friday. Usually, these Beverly Hills stores end up being cheesy. Jessica Alba was shopping with Cash yesterday and bought a ton of cute sounding clothes: long tanks, cozy cashmere sweater dresses and cardigans that she plans on wearing with leggings during the Sundance film festival.

For a list of exactly what she bought click on the Continie Reading link at the bottom of the page. I though it was more important to write about what I bought at Planet Blue in Malibu today. I had to return a Buddha I'd bought two weeks ago because they only do exchanges/store credits within two weeks there. I try not to shop at stores that have this policy, but it's pretty hard not to find something else at PB's bath and body/gift store. I found a Buddha that I like much better at Palmetto on West 3rd. Street (they also have a store on Montana. Anyway, I exchanged the Buddha for these items:

2 pairs of Hanky Panky two tone low rise underwear.
1 pair of Cosabella nude brown lace print hot pants (to wear under dresses)

Now on with Jessica Alba....

La Rok Chain Doll Dress
Tricia Fix Emily Mini Dress
Plenty Drawstring Houndstooth Jacket
Plenty Flounced Coat
Plenty Tunic Sweater with black bow
La Made Navy Cashmere Cardigan
La Made Ivory Cashmere Cardigan
La Made Grey Full Length Coat
Yoana B. Ecru Silk Blouse
Aria Swing Coat
Rebel Yell Swing Hoodie
La Made Tanktops (navy, grey, white, black, ivory)
LinQ Hoodie Dress in Raspberry
LinQ Hoodie Dress in Almond
LinQ Hoodie Dress in Black
LinQ Hoodie Dress in Navy
LinQ Creme Wrap top


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I love the personality that you bring to your blog.

I agree that a lot of BH shops are cheesy +

Lets see some new news. Jessica Alba is boring. Come on girl, break out the good stuff!!

Beware.. This store is CHEESY! Dresses they have in this store is cheaply made dresses from downtown LA. I heard the store owner paid Celeb to shop there for their pr purposes. Last year, i always read about their store on Tabloids like us weekly, in touch, so i thought i check it out, it was dissapointing. Terrible selection of clothing and overpriced for what they are. OVERRATED!

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