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Ashley Olsen Drinks Water

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[Breakfast: Chai tea with oat milk. Half of a chopped salad from La Scala.]

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Wow. I totally thought that Ashley Olsen didn't know what water was. Oh, I'm dumb. It's obviously vodka,. She must have been sharing it with Kirsten Dunst at their local beatuy haunt, Aurelia Adrian Institut de Beauté. (KK needed a break from rehab). I tried to find out some information about this place online. If you Google it , all that comes up are paparazzi pics of Ashley and MK. It's probably some exclusive spa where celebrities can get a facial or plumper lips at the same time. Maybe I'll go there undercover.

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Hey! I looked them up on Beverly Hills business listing. Their # is (310) 273-2304, maybe you could call them for information... Hope this helps!

mk really needs some help. least she's wearing a normal looking outfit for once!

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