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Best Oscar Makeup

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Jessica Alba , Television
oscar-alba-makeup1.jpg oscar-jen-makeup1.jpg oscar-marion-makeup1.jpg

Both Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner wore the dark/smoky eye look with nude/almost nude lips.The only criticism I have is that Garner's eye makeup makes her eyes look small and squinty. We don't want her turning into squinty eyed Renee Zelwegger. It's nice to see Jessica Alba glowing for once and looking somewhat happy--that's what eating does for Hollywood actresses. It's great that she has the luxury of eating food while pregnant. I liked Marion Cotillard's makeup because it was unique. The matchy blue eye makeup works here and I like the brighter lip--it looks fresh and flirty.

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i actually think jennifer garner looks the best she ever did and that make up makes her look exotic, love it!

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