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El Diablo Wears Prada

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OK. Diablo Cody is soo not wearing Prada, but I have no idea who designed her dress. I wasn't a fan of it when she was accepting her award for Best Original Screenplay, because I didn't think it moved well and was verging on muumuu chic. She has a real woman's body, but the dress kind of ballooned over her curves instead of flattering them. However, it worked in still photos and really suited her. I especially liked how she wore turquoise jewelry to complement it. Only critique: Heels, heels, heels, not flats. Congrats Diablo Cody! I was torn between whether her screenplay for Juno or Tamara Jenkins for The Savages should have won the Oscar. They were both equally deserving, and I'm glad that there were two women writers representing.

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