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[Breakfast: mini-financiers from Breadworks. Soy chai latte.]


It's a Duck, It's a Dog Humping a Woman, No, it's Laurie Ann Gibson!

Usually, I would save something this fugly for a "Happy Monday" post to jolt you out of your Monday morning blues. But it works for a rainy weekend, too. Remember Laurie Ann Gibson, the choreographer who accused P. Diddy of assault after he put her on the map as a judge on Making The Band? Yeah, most of you probably don't, though accusing someone of throwing a chair at you who has helped your career and has been your friend for years is insanely stupid. I mean, I'm pretty sure that loads of people want to throw a chair at Gibson for singing this song. If you want to cry from laughing so hard, listen to her song. It could heal your depression for the rest of your life. Even if Gibson was still friends with Diddy, there's no way that he could help her singing aspirations. I hope she didn't give up her career as a choreographer yet.

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