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Oscar Bland

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Hmm...writing about Ellen Page is probably going to piss her off considering that she said something about bloggers picking apart everything that celebrities do on her interview with Barbara Walters. Why are actors constantly Googling themselves anyway??? Speaking of Barbara, she is really starting to act like an old lady. You know when *some* old people start acting like ignorant young people because they're so old and feel like they can do whatever they want? That's what's happening to Barbara. She asked some dumb questions and said some dumb things. I guess I haven't seen her interview someone in forever, but I'm not going to do it again.

Back to Ellen. I know she has a stylist, so unless Ellen is being picky about what she wears, the stylist should be blamed. Ellen's dress wasn't ugly or anything. I like that it was vintage, but it was not flattering. The two most important things that stylists should do is pick something that fits their client and is flattering. Ellen is a cute girl/woman and should wear clothes that reflect her personality. She looks like she's playing dress up. I don't like her hair, either. Again, this dress looked better on camera. It's not ugly, but it's bland.

Cameron Diaz looked washed out in a pale pink John Galliano dress. If the dress had been a more flattering color and her makeup had been punched up, this look would have worked. She usually takes a risk on what she wears to award shows, but this year she was blah. At least Jennifer Garner thanked her stylist Rachel Zoe for getting her out of jeans and putting her together for these events. It's too bad that more celebrities don't thank their stylists, 'cause Rachel Zoe is one of the most high-profile ones and doesn't need the publicity. Yeah, like stars should totally thank their stylists when they are accepting their Academy Awards.


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I had no idea that the celebs actually googled themselves. Interesting!

This is funny. I like your straightforward talk.

I have several actor friends, they ALL google themselves! It's hilarious. Also, lots of them have subscriptions to the magazines that slam them and even talk to the press directly giving them their gossip.

I just gotta say, I think Cameron always looks hot! She is so cute! But yeah, poor Ellen, that is not flattering. On such a important night, one has to go big.

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