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The Hottie and The Nottie

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I went to The Hottie and the Nottie premiere Monday night. My favorite thing about a premiere is the food, but this was an indie film so the food wasn’t that hot. I was happy for the complimentary small packs of Red Hots that I ate during the movie. I forgot how much I liked them. I was glad they weren’t in large packs, so I wouldn’t get fat from eating them. (I’ve been into retro candy lately and ate way too many Good and Plenty’s at a movie last weekend.)

The film was not painful to watch except for some of the gross out parts. The makeup artists were too talented. I should remind you that I was the only blogger allowed on set of The Hottie and the Nottie. I really tried to watch the movie as an impartial critic. I did not get bored, really enjoyed Christine Lakin and Joel David Moore’s performances under Tom Putnam’s direction, and didn’t feel my usual strong annoyance at Paris Hilton. She obviously did a decent acting job because I would’ve been annoyed if she had played herself. Her good hair, makeup, and wardrobe helped as well. Oh, and Johann Urb is very easy on the eyes. The reality is that The Hottie and the Nottie is a very cute romantic comedy. It’s a good movie to watch after one of the depressing Oscar movies.

The after party was at the Green Door which is almost impossible to get into under normal circumstances. Some of the people who worked on the film didn’t even get in. There are lots of comfortable places to sit at the Green Door, but it’s still just a lounge/club. There were no stars there except for Adrian Grenier who recently worked with Paris Hilton on a documentary—WTF? I do respect that Adrian hung out in the regular part of the club instead of hiding in the VIP section with Paris and Christine. (He was still very recognizable despite his facial hair and slacker attire.) I don’t understand why there weren’t any celebrities there. I though that Paris knew everyone. Would she really not invite any of them so she could get all the attention? Maybe, but it was quite pathetic. It was mostly older men in the VIP section and some of Paris’ people like her publicist and a few bimbos that the bouncer let in for good measure. Paris might have been dressed like Marilyn Monroe, but she’s still a poor imitation.

Note: I still don't understand how a dress can be one color in person (like Christine's emerald green dress) and appear a totally different color on film. How does emerald green become turquoise?

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