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Ashton Kutcher in Spread

March 26, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , LA

The paparazzi have been documenting Ashton Kutcher's costumes from Spread. That's funny to say because normally I would apply this to actresses. However, Ashton's colorful playboy costumes and the production design of this film are reminiscent of great pop...[More]

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Hollywood Quote Du Jour

March 19, 2008
Part of: Hollywood , LA

Where: a local independent coffee store When: 11:15 am Who: A barista said to the other two baristas while making my chai latte: "You know I send my brother my screenplays to correct. He only has an 8th grade education...[More]

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Kate Bosworth

March 17, 2008
Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Bosworth

[Breakfast: mini-muffins from Breadworks and green tea.] Click Photos to Enlarge Kate Bosworth i s looking a lot less 'Ana' these days. Now she's morphed into regular Hollywood 'Ana' instead of looking like her body might expire 'Ana'. She clearly...[More]

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I See Celebrities

March 13, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Gossip , LA

Toast is a great restaurant. If only faux actors and actresses would stay away. Lauren Conrad is not a faux actress--well, maybe she is since she's on The Hills reality show. When I walked past her lunching at Toast...[More]

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March 13, 2008
Part of: Food , LA

Last week I dined at Osteria Mozza (review to come) and Providence, arguably two of the best restaurants in LA. Providence was disappointing and frankly the gray decor was depressing. It reminded me of an executive dining room much...[More]

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Pregnant Fashionistas Du Jour

March 06, 2008
Part of: Brangelina , Fashion , Fashionista Du Jour , Hollywood , Jessica Alba

Jess and Jolie could have playdates with their babies after they hatch. Somehow I don't think that Jolie would be into hanging out with Jess, but you never know. Jolie looks maternal in a long dress by Gerard Darel....[More]

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Gossip for Breakfast

March 06, 2008
Part of: Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Mischa Barton , Television

Does anyone care about Mischa Barton? I haven't even seen her in a film. Maybe an indie video store would carry her work. A DUI kills your film career unless you are a movie star, because it costs much...[More]

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Love ya all!!

March 05, 2008
Part of:

Hey Guys, Blogging will resume later this afternoon or tomorrow. xoxo BAT...[More]

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