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Ashton Kutcher in Spread

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , LA
ashton-spread1.jpg ashton-spread-more1.jpg

The paparazzi have been documenting Ashton Kutcher's costumes from Spread. That's funny to say because normally I would apply this to actresses. However, Ashton's colorful playboy costumes and the production design of this film are reminiscent of great pop art come to life. I know I've made fun of Ashton's quirky fashion sense before, but I've been told that he collaborated with the costume designer for his Spread character and it really works. On an unrelated note, Ashton looks very young in real life. He looks like he's in his twenties. Tres annoying!

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He should look like he is in his twenties...he only turned 30 last month!

I prefer the look on the left. Spread sounds like a movie about Toast?

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