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Beauty Products Du Jour

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I have some favorite products of late. I prefer shopping at Nordstrom and Sephora since they will take returns with no questions asked. Barneys New York also allows returns, but a lot of their salespeople are beyond aggressive. I do not like shopping for beauty products there. I was buying a cleanser there the other day and a saleswoman who wasn't even helping me tried to get me to buy some overpriced vitamins that are good for your skin. Um, I have nice skin already, unlike her.

1. Ojon Leave-in Glossing Cream -- It covers two things in one and smells amazing.

2. L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner (Brown) --This stays on forever and comes with a mini-angled brush that makes my eyes look they were done by a pro.

3. G.M. Collin Creme Nutrivital Creme -- I went to an awesome facialist who recommended this product. It smells like ylang-ylang and is the best moisturizer I've used in years.

4. G.M. Collin Voile Solaire Mineral Sun Veil 15 SPF -- I wear sunscreen everyday no matter what. I like this better than the Obaji product that I was using, but would prefer a higher SPF. This lotion doesn't feel greasy and has no weird smell.

5. Philosophy Amazing Grace (perfumed foot cream) -- Honestly, I liked the original unscented foot cream , Sole Owner, by Philosophy better. This one smells like shampoo. But it works the same. You leave it on overnight and it exfoliates your feet. This is a must for summer.

6. Tea Tree Oil --This isn't a classic beauty product, but is used in other products for oily skin. I use it for burns and insect bites. The worst is when you get a spider or mosquito bite on your face and don't know what to use to stop the redness and swelling.


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Also essential Lavender oil is good for taking out sting or burn. I have them put it on after I get my brows waxed.
Also you should try Aveda's foot relief. Works the same almost as AG but I think its better. (try the travel size)

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