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Fashion Accessory Du Jour

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It's always best to be a step ahead of trends. Let's face it: By the time you buy what your favorite celebrity is wearing its shelf life is often limited. Over the weekend, I picked up a groovy Eugenia Kim headband at Satine. They don't sell it online, but they can be found in solid colors here. Mine is in different shades of blue. If you live in LA (or even if you don't) go check out Satine or its website. I know that I've read that celebrities like Nicole Richie shop there. I've always liked Satine because it's a small store that's well-edited, unique and the salespeople are cool. It's pricey, but I poured myself a mimosa and that helped. Actually, I poured a cup of champagne and DK called me out on it, but it was like 5:30 on a Sunday. I guess he thought I should have poured less? All boutiques should have free alcohol, duh! The super-cool owner was there, and after I admired a belt on a mannequin, she informed me that she buys vintage American clothes and accessories in Japan because they have a better selection. Isn't that crazy?? She recently opened a second Satine in Japan. LA and Japan are the places to be.


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