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BAT in Cannes

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[Breakfast: croissant and pain au chocolat)

Yesterday I was having lunch on a yacht when a crowd started going crazy. Angelina Jolie and Jack Black were walking up some stairs for a photo call to promote Kung Fu Panda. Everyone was screaming, “Angelina! Angelina!” No one cared that Jack Black was with her. Later, at our hotel, we were wondering why everyone was starring at the huge screen on the wall in reception. Why it was Angelina again, this time walking down the red carpet on the Palais for the Kung Fu Panda premiere with Brad Pitt. She was wearing a simple chartreuse silk dress. The shade of green didn’t really suit her, but the dress was pretty and had two straps that crossed in the back and a plunging neckline that showed off her massive breasts. Because the screen was so wide, it looked she was carrying triplets.

My favorite star sighting of the day was when I saw Harrison Ford at The Hotel Du Cap—so hot! He was hanging out with Calista Flockhart. She was wearing a tomato red sundress that was fitted in the bodice and then flowed out. Seeing her in person, I definitely think she is ana. Cali doesn’t look very healthy and has bad skin. The Du Cap is where most of the stars stay, but it’s in Antibes which is a 45 minute drive from Cannes. I finally had one of their infamous, overpriced Bellinis. The white peach puree was really lovely, but there wasn’t enough champagne. If there had been, it would have gone down as the best Bellini I’d ever had.

Last night I dressed “strictly glamorously” in Stella McCartney heels—so comfortable-- and a Willow LBD (Little Black Dress) for the “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” party sponsored by GQ . It was at a villa in the hills. Simon Peg and Gillian Anderson were there (not that I care). Mischa Barton was wearing a decent flowy, white dress—Rachel Zoe had pity on her. While waiting to leave, she was mobbed by three paps and that was enough to make her run back into the villa with her minder. WTF? It’s a good thing that she’s not a movie star—‘cause three paps is nothing to freak out over. She’s here promoting some film called You and I where she plays a lipstick lesbian. Do we care about Mischa besides what her last stupid outfit was? I’m going to the “You and I” party tonight, so we will see if she can dress decently two nights in a row. The Gorillaz were spinning records at the party and the vodka that was being served is distilled over real gold and costs over $1,000 a bottle. I drank as much as I could. TBC…


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Nice to hear Harrison Ford is still smokin'...

Are you kidding? Angelina was loveliness walking in a romantic dream. So beautiful and the green color made her blue eyes green. What a magnificent woman.

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