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I See Reality Stars

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Why is it that when you try on shoes it takes the salesperson forever to come back with the shoes? Why don't
they have a better system by now? The only thing that saved me from going mad at Nordstrom at The Grove last Saturday were the funny reality star sightings I had. They were doing a Steve Madden event in the shoe section that had a huge line of people. I don't know why anyone would want to wait in line for hours to get a free autographed T-shirt and picture with Steve Madden. Chantal Jones from America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 (runner-up)had to stand for at least a couple of hours modeling Steve Madden heels and had several costume changes. I did see one girl ask for a picture with her before Steve showed up. At least Chantal is working, even if it's at a mall.

While I was waiting for DK's shoes, I saw last season's runner-up of Project Runway, Rami Kashou. (Yes, runner-up was the theme du jour). Rami seemed to be trying on flip flops, but didn't buy anything. The last reality star sighting was CJ Jacobson from last season's Top Chef---you know the one who obviously slept with Padma Lakshmi. DK saw him at Toast.


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