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Charlize is Gorgeous

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charlize-hancock-more1.jpg charlize-hancock1.jpg

Here is Charlize Theron at the Hancock premiere in Paris. I don't like her dress because it flattens her breasts and has too many things going on. I do love her hair, though. I'm going to cut my hair soon and donate it to charity. Remember when I started growing my hair really long almost a year ago to this day? I have been getting my hair trimmed on a regular basis and have been taking good care of it. Now that my hair is perfectly healthy it's hard to cut it, but I'm going to be cutting at least 8 inches off by the end of summer at the latest. I think I'm going to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths since I'm giving less than 12 inches. I can't decide if I want to have my regular hair person cut my hair or try another stylist that gave a friend a fabulous short cut. Another problem is that my current stylist cuts and colors hair and the other one only cuts hair.


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i donated to locks of love. usually the salon will give you the cut for free since it's for charity. check around.

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