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Add to Your Beach Bag

Part of: Fashion , Random , Sparkly

Mac Tendertones are my new favorite thing.They are supposedly a limited edition item, but I have a feeling they're seasonal. I bought them in Pucker and Hot n' Spicy. These two have the most color in them and I have no complaints. This lipgloss is the perfect consistency (not sticky), can withstand heat, and has an SPF of 12.

I also bought a really cute beach towel at Target the other day. It was high-quality cotton and retailed for around $29.99. It appears to be sold out on their website, but you can find it in stores. They have several patterns. Just check the label to make sure they are the better quality towels.


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OMG! I LOVVVE those lipglosses too at MAC. I just got mine 2 weeks ago and it's the best thing EVER. Smells so good and it's super sexy to put on!!!! LOVE IT

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