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Fashion Accessory Du Jour

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These Kors by Michael Kors stilletos are hot. If you wear a lot of black and want some color, these are perfect. I've seen them online @ and I think I'll go by Intermix on Robertson Blvd. to try them on. I bought a brilliant pair of Stella McCartney stilletos there before I went to Cannes and luckily got 40% off. They were still a lot of money, but are the most comfortable shoes and aren't too trendy. I had bought a pair of heels by Lamb at another store, but returned them because the quality was awful. Those shoes are really overpriced for the shoddy workmanship.


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Lamb is overpriced all around for the "fashion" it tries to be. I was at Nordstrom the other day and they were practically giving them away because they couldn't get rid of them.

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