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Not so Random Thoughts

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--Since Thursday, I've seen planes skywriting Tori + Dean to promote the new season of their show on VH1. This is such an environmentally unconscious thing to do. It's not like they've done it a couple times. It's been written dozens and dozens of times all over LA and probably in the Valley, using multiple planes as far as I can tell. It would have been nice if the marketing and publicity departments had, instead, spent that money feeding more people at Pink's--they let the public have free hot dogs from 12pm-2pm.

--Ethnic flip-flops in bright colors with pom-poms on the thong part are suddenly trendy. I saw them at a store on Rue Montmartre in Paris and at Principessa in Abbot Kinney the other day in Venice. The ones shown above are by Free People, but they are currently sold-out online. Interesting...

--I got a free T-shirt by the Santa Monica pier that says: Legalize LA--Immigration Reform Right Now! from American Apparel, but it has two flaws on it--potentially from people grabbing it. I would totally wear the shirt, but they all came in extra larges. A lot of people were looking for different sizes--so next time AA, please give us a couple of more size options, thanks. We like American Apparel because they make their shirts in downtown LA instead of China and they have organic options.

--If you're ever in Las Vegas and want great pastries--especially their almond croissant--check out Payard P√Ętisserie & Bistro at Caesar's Palace. This review says it all. If you ever want great spicy cheese straws, have a drink at B&B at the Palazzo. I didn't have a good experience at the restaurant, but the bar is fab.

--Does anyone really care about Audrina Patridge from The Hills? If so, please explain why.

--I saw a rough cut of a drama last week that was the best movie I've seen in a very long time. One of the actors I really thought wasn't a good actor until I saw him in this. You'll be able to watch this movie in November or December, so be excited. I would be very surprised if it didn't get Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture Oscar nominations.

--At Santa Monica farmers' market last Wednesday, there was a small camera crew and a group of younger people who were told by a chef that I didn't recognize to go get some produce to make a meal with. Was it for the next Top Chef wannabe show?


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~i love those flops! any ideas on who makes them? where to purchase?

~dont care a bit abt audrina, the hills, or any of those girls, although i think kristin cavalleri from the OC is really cute

~thinking that the cooking show could be food network's "next food network star"...??? i know theyve only aired one episode so far... so you ask, "why are you watching THAT show?" four words... bobby. flay. major. crush.

Yes, the flip-flops ARE adorable!
And whole I don't care much for The Hills or Audrina, I will say that I think she has the best bikini bod out of all those airheads. I'm a little jealous...

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