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Sin in Vegas

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Rant , Travel
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After a weekend in Vegas, I need a break from fashion victims. Let’s start with some positive fashion observance: Japanese women are the most fashionable. It’s not like I’ve been all over the world observing the way women dress, but Vegas has women from everywhere. I’ve also noticed this in LA and other countries that I’ve been to. Of course, most of these women are spending a ton of money to look good. In fairness, I’ve also seen some wealthy Asian women dressed like hoochies. Thin hoochies with small chests are slightly less offensive than women with lots of stuff hanging out. I know What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, but normal women shouldn’t be confused with working girls and tragically some working girls are dressed classier than the general public. If only women would observe the advice that many of fashion icons have given: There’s no need to show off everything at once. Keep some things covered. But dressing like a slut is synonymous with Vegas. What was even more disturbing were the women wearing those dresses with banded hems. Someone who hates women designed these dresses since they flatter no one. The dresses poof at the ass and the bottom hem is a large band that clings to one’s legs. These do not celebrate a women’s body. I thought they would maybe flatter women lacking in the ass department, but they don’t. If I had millions of dollars I would pay each of these women off to burn their dresses and sign a legal document promising to never wear the style again.

P.S. I am referring to the tourists in Las Vegas

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Everyone must remember that the locals aren't the ones dressing like sluts- the tourists are. It's no different from the girls that frequent L.A. clubs, or any others for that matter. It's some sort of dress code for these kind of people. If people visited the suburbs they would be surprised at how low key life really is out here.

The banded hem dress is one trend I wish would stay in Vegas. A friend and I saw a lady with one on. My friend commented that she looked like a "giant apple on sticks".

yes my wife loves to dress "sluuty" when we go to vegas, and she looks good doing it !! Hell with the price of drinks at the clubs we save money cause hers are usually provided actually on our last trip over labor day we both were invited to a VIP lounge where the drinks were free !! We chatted with the people there and all the girls danced with eachother to the delight of all the men . The wife had fun and even made a new friend !! a 21 yr old blonde that we met up with the next evening at the same club and spent the rest of the night in our room,,,plus she was FREE !!
LOVE VEGAS.......if you dont have an open mind in vegas you should stay home , every time we go we get into " trouble" and were not even looking for it .

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