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I See Supermodels

Part of: Fashion , Friday Eye Candy , Gossip , LA

[Breakfast: a spinach, ham and cheese omelet from The Little Next Door. Cafe au lait.]


OMG, I totally love Linda Evangelista. She was one of the original supermodels before every model started using the moniker. I was shopping at one of my favorite LA boutiques called Creatures of Comfort when I recognized her from the other side of the room. Her face is so original that you really can't mistake her for anyone else. Even with sunglasses and a hat on I'd be able to spot her. I realized that she wasn't very tall (5'9 1/2 according to some websites) and she didn't have a stick-figure body that's all the rage with the teenage models. She's slim, but has curves which make her much better looking in person than most models I've seen. She has a pretty, girlish voice that provides a nice contrast to her androgynous looks. Whatever work she has done looked pretty natural, but I'm sure that she has one of the best plastic surgeons around. Have any of you seen Prada's recent campaign with her? She looks gorgeous.

Evangelista had spotted a pair of sandals on Creatures of Comfort's website that she had to have. (Yes, you can buy things off their website if you don't live in LA.) The store clerks were commenting on how nice she was after she left. Evangelista even had a car worthy of her stature: a gray Aston that was parked in front of the store.


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pure elegance!

Sigh.... She was always my favorite. Her nickname "the chameleon" fits her oh so well. She still rocks it!

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