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Breakfast: TBA

The Windsor Arms Hotel was transformed with crystals and magenta orchids into a chic Hollywood soiree for the In Style/Hollywood Foreign Press Association party. I had been at the hotel earlier in the week for an after party for the Howard Zinn documentary The People Speak that Matt Damon was involved with and there was not a trace of the formally dull unadorned space. Tim Robbins was at both parties, though.

At the red carpet, Sophia Bush proved that vinyl leggings are still super stylish. She paired hers with a black blazer, stilettos and a flat ironed bob that was slightly longer in the front, but not too trendy. The guys around me were drooling. She definitely rocked the edgier look. A group of ladies who had never brushed up against Hollywood’s elite asked a guy in our group to take a picture of their Kodak moment. I later shared an elevator with them to the ladies’ room and overheard them raving about the hotness that is Ethan Hawke. I don’t agree, but I’ll admit that he does have a dash of charisma. We’ll see later on in the year if his star rises again. I’m still on Uma’s side—she’s a goddess and he’s forever a goofball, even though she doesn’t always make the wisest fashion decisions.

I spied the cast of Danny Boyle’s brilliant new film Slumdog Millionaire being lavished with compliments. Danny Boyle was there as well as the other director du jour, Darren Aronofsky, who made the ultimate come back this festival with The Wrestler after his esoteric flop, The Fountain. Aronofsky is married to Rachel Weisz who was the most beautiful woman at the party. She was wearing a skintight gray Herve Leger bandage dress and looked like a modern angel with her white skin, fuchsia lips and big curls. But, she seemed quite out of it. Perhaps she had stubbed her toe and had mistakenly mixed painkillers with alcohol?

Rose McGowan was prowling around the party in a blah LBD. Her face has relaxed some since her plastic surgery overdose. When was the last time that Adrien Brody shaved? He has one of those beards grown out just enough to be really high maintenance. Paris Hilton told me, “I love your dress!” and I was introduced to her man, Benji Madden. He seemed like he’d rather be tortured than be at the party. I really didn’t want to shake his hand because he seems skanky like Pete Doherty or Mr. Amy Winehouse. Nicole Richie definitely has the better Madden.

This was the one party where I wished I hadn’t eaten before since it was by far the nicest looking nosh at any of the parties that we’d been to. There was sushi eveyr where and even a proper dessert spread. I was drinking Grey Goose and soda, but also tried the canned Prosecco that the servers were passing around. Sparkling wine in a can doesn’t do it for me.

Ed Norton walked in as I was leaving. I was pretty shocked at his arrogance. Um, he’s so not hot, either. He has a really big forehead that could benefit from bangs. Other people seen: Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Raffalo, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scott Speedman, and Mickey Rourke.


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