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The Rachel Zoe Show

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[Breakfast: cinnamon toast and white tea]


Are any of you guys watching Rachel Zoe’s reality show "Rachel Zoe Project"? I’ve watched the preview and one episode. So far it’s amusing because of the second assistant, Brad. A green assistant in fashion or the entertainment industry is always good TV. One of my sources told me during TIFF (Toronto Film Festival) that Zoe originally had another female assistant, but she quit because she didn’t want to be a part of the show--smart woman. What have I learned about Rachel so far? She’s a huge stress case; a triple Virgo (I feel sorry for her) doesn’t eat, is very insecure and is obsessed with fashion and her image. It is cool that she really lives and breathes for fashion, but in press articles she acts like she’s only doing the show to counter her bad publicity when she clearly likes the attention. It’s too bad that she can’t admit that she does like her own celebrity. I mean, doing publicity is what got her name known in the first place. She just got annoyed when people started writing not-so-nice things about her, which is what you have to deal with when you become famous---like, duh. If you asked most people, the only stylist they would be able it name, if any, would be Rachel Zoe. Bad publicity can’t be affecting her business.

Rachel doesn’t seem like a bad person, and I have no idea if those drug rumors are true. I still don’t get why Nicole Richie called her a” prune face” and wrote a blind item on her blog presumably about Zoe only eating a few spears of asparagus at Chateau Marmont during a dinner. Nicole Richie is going to be wrinkly at Zoe’s age because that’s what happens when you are undernourished. And do you really think that Nicole was eating a hamburger while Rachel was eating asparagus? At least Zoe admits that she doesn’t eat much. Does Rachel Zoe’s show prove that she’s a nice, normal person? I don’t know. I assumed that she was a typical neurotic, insecure workaholic who reminded me of a lot of the people in the entertainment industry, and she is. I doubt they’re going to show Rachel screaming at her assistants or being a bitchy bitch, even if she is, since the show is about getting her positive PR. If she did tell starlets to do drugs to lose weight, then that’s pretty evil. The show seems to be staying away from undernourished starlets and showing older healthier clients. If the goal was humanizing Zoe, then they are accomplishing that. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned about her by watching the show is how good she is at disguising her extreme thinness and flattering her figure with the clothes that she wears. Bravo, Rachel Zoe.


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