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My Favorite New Skirt

October 29, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , TomKat

[Breakfast: Whole Foods organic honey crunch & oats cereal with oat milk. Tropical green tea.] Honestly, I like skirts a lot but never seem to find ones that fit perfectly. I did pay more than I wanted to for this...[More]

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Paps vs. Toast vs. The Hills

October 08, 2008
Part of: Food , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Slice of Life , Television

[Breakfast: a slcie of pumpkin pie, "real" whipped cream, white tea] Wow. The paparazzi are really out of control. I usually see the paps from afar or on film sets where they have to be somewhat well-behaved. While I ate...[More]

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Suri Doll

October 05, 2008
Part of: Hollywood , TomKat

[Breakfast: leftover piece of Vito's vegetarian pizza] I don't know. I have a feeling that Suri is going to act like a spoiled brat when she grows up. I mean, do you think that Tom Cruise's adopted children had customized...[More]

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TIFF "In Style" Giveaway

October 03, 2008
Part of: Hollywood , Sparkly , Travel

I know some of you wish that you could have gone to the Toronto Film Festival. I know this isn't as good as going, but I've decided to give away the contents from my In Style Magazine gift bag...[More]

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Hilary Duff Hearts Goyard

October 01, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , LA , Music

[Breakfast: a lemonade and wheat toast with butter and apricot jam] I don't remember how I discovered Goyard. I might have been at Barneys New York and came across the line while checking out handbags. The brand has been around...[More]

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