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Cheap & Chic Blowout

Part of: Fashion , LA , Slice of Life

[Breakfast: Stonyfield vanilla yogurt. 2 slices turkey bacon. Green Tea.]


My old neighbor, who got blowouts 2-3 times a week, swore by Fantastic Sam's. I was kind of shocked, cringing at the thought of the cheap products they would use on my long, thick hair. I rarely get blowouts, so I wasn't exactly motivated to try a cheap place. On Christmas Day I had an accident with a serrated knife and couldn't wash my own hair for over two weeks. The first place I got a blowout at was Fantastic Sam's. I also tried a couple of other pricier places near me. DK said the first blowout was by far the best. Yes, they did use yucky, cheap products on my hair and there were some cleanliness issues with the salon, but they did a fabulous blowout. Next time I would bring my own hair products and brushes.


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Which one did you go to? I never get blow-outs either, but my straight hair is so boring the way I [don't] style it.

...And recession- friendly ;)

I went to the one on W. 3rd Street and Crescent Heights. The Asian woman is the one who did my hair. My old neighbor really liked the one on 26th Street in Santa Monica, and I've also heard good things about the Fantastic Sam's in Beverly Hills.

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