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I See Stars

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[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt with blueberries and strawberries. Green/white tea with mint.]

jess-family1.jpg jess-family-solo1.jpg

I sat down at my favorite sushi bar last night (Yu-N-Mi sushi in Beverly Hills) and couldn’t help but think how bad Jessica Alba looked with blonde hair. Yes, there was a signed headshot of her along with other famous and not so famous actors on the wall. Obviously, the picture was taken when she was filming Fantastic Four and looked like a blue eyed blonde haired white girl—icky. About halfway through dinner, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren walked through the door and took a seat to the right of me (so Jess could look at her picture on the wall?). DK was surprised that Cash Warren wasn’t very good looking and that he was the one who was married to Jessica. I was surprised that Cash was left handed and spent the rest of the evening elbowing me and not saying “excuse me” or “sorry” once. WTF? I was at the point where I was going to say “Have you not noticed that you have elbowed me like 20x???!!!” when I decided that it wasn’t worth it since it was the end of the meal. As for Jess, she’s very cute and was not having a self-conscious actressy conversation. I thought she looked much healthier than when I've seen her in the past. She was wearing her hair back with a headband on. I wonder if she’s annoyed that she has a bad mom haircut? I’ve always thought that Jess has good style and seems to dress herself a lot of the time for her day-to-day life. Jess was wearing black and a cute floral scarf around her neck, which is one of her favorite accessories. She wasn’t looking ill, grumpy and there wasn’t a lollypop in site. Yes, Jessica Alba eats and I witnessed it. I am kind of shocked, but in a good way.

jess-family-soloish1.jpg jess-family-soloist1.jpg

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