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Alexander Wang for The GAP

Part of: Fashion

[Breakfast: leftover favorite scramble from toast. multigrain toast from Breadbar with butter and strawberry jam.]


The newest Gap design collaboration is with Alexander Wang, Vena Cava, and hat designer, Albertus Swanepoel . My favorte from the collection--all done in khaki, btw--is this motorcycle jacket by Alexander Wang and his A-line shorts. His other jacket is nice, but I think it's more mature. I tried on the Vena Cava dresses and they didn't fit me well, but considering that their regular collection dresses don't fit me well, I'm not surprised. Most of the lines are available online, but the motorcycle jacket can only be found in stores now.These designs can be found internationally as well. They only arrived in store yesterday. Grab them ASAP before they're gone.


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The hats in this line are exquisite!

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