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I See Stars

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[Breakfast: 2 slices of multigrain toast with butter.]

hilary-fly1.jpg hilary-fly-more1.jpg

Hilary Duff is quite the chic woman and healthy. The two pictures above show her at the airport recently. A lot of stars wear outfits that look like they'd be uncomfortable to fly in. Hilary is good at dressing stylishly and looks comfortable. I also like the picture below of her from a couple of days ago in Sherman Oaks.

I was surprised to see her at Cube the other night dining with her mother? and perhaps publicist or stylist. Hil was wearing a fedora and flared light blue jeans. My only critique of her is that she wears too much makeup. It didn't seem like anyone recognized her, but Cube is the type of place where a celeb could go without someone wanting their autograph and where people are more into their dining companionn than people watching.



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