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My Favorite Breakfast

Part of: Brunch With Tiffany , Food

This is my go-to breakfast. It's also great to have after you've eaten a heavy meal the night before or around the holidays. It consists of Fage low-fat or non-fat (2% or 0%) Yogurt (which is still creamy and delicious without being full-fat), 1/3 cup of dry organic oven-toasted oats (add or subtract to taste) and a whole chopped Gala or Fuji apple. You could add some honey or agave, but with the apple it's plenty sweet. I like this mixture of tangy Greek yogurt, sweet apple with the texture of oats. You could add nuts or other kinds of fruit to the mix depending what's in season. Sometimes I substitute silvered almonds for the oats..


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They ate alot of this type breakfast in Finland while I was there! You're so right, it's so good!

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