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[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt. green and white tea.]


Whenever I get back from France I scan the “living in France blogs” and figure out which books on Paris I should read, and decide to learn more French. I’ve only taken one basic French class where I felt like I was in a high school language class (it was taught at a high school) and promptly forgot everything that I learned. I need a good French tutor. I’ve asked quite a few people that one would think would know this sort of thing, but they all knew a teacher that doesn’t teach anymore or has moved. I was at a tasty Italian restaurant in Cannes (Al Gambero) with a couple of multilingual people. No, I did not need help translating the menu because the most French I’ve memorized is food related. My favorite vegetables: epinard (spinach) asprege (asparagus) oignon (onions) and least favorite vegetables: aubergine (eggplant) and champignon (mushroom). I like my meat cooked medium-rare = rosé. I’ve also memorized fruit that comes in the pastries that I like: framboise (raspberry) fraise (strawberry), and I love the cherries in France (cerise). There are times, like when I ate at places such as Lenôtre with DK for lunch in Cannes, where neither of us could understand much. Luckily, we ran into an acquaintance who could translate. I did end up ordering what I was going to in the first place: asparagus three ways (DK got the tomato tart), but wouldn’t have known about the other options. And, yes, that is a savory macaron. Oh, there are also times where you can’t get a menu in English or with translations even in touristy areas. But that is how you learn French, no? BTW, The millefeuille at Lenôtre is to..die.. for…


Je t'aime Pierre Hermé

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[Breakfast: favorite egg-white scramble from Toast. iced passion fruit tea.]


Coming back from France always makes me depressed, the main reason being that the food is so much better there. I met a shop girl in Paris who had spent the last 5 years in LA for school. She said that she missed everything about LA except for the food. The only food that I missed while traveling was sushi and Mexican food. One thing positive, is that I’ll never have to eat another macaron in the States again. I tried some from Pierre Hermé in Paris that were the best I’ve ever had (their croissant was also amazing). The middle parts of the macarons were so creamy and the complexity of flavors so unusual that I knew for certain I’d never be able to eat a regular macaron again unless it was in France. I didn’t even make it to Ladurée this time for my favorite caramel fleur de sel and raspberry macarons. Unfortunately, I wasted a precious breakfast at Angelina, which was not good this time. The omelets were overcooked and the pistachio/strawberry millefeille that we shared tasted like it was artificially flavored. They must have a new pastry chef. Even the croissant was stale. I would suggest only going there for their hot chocolate and their Mont Blanc if that is your thing. Seriously consider dropping by Pierre Hermé first.

Pierre Hermé
72, Rue Bonaparte, Paris - +33 1 43 25 28 17
(go early if possible. Doors open @ 10 am)

If you live in certain countries, you can order some of the macarons from the Pierre Hermé website.
There is a book by Pierre Hermé called Macaron.
Click here for some pictures that really do the macarons justice and for a funny ode to Pierre Hermé.
Pierre Hermé the man, insight and a look at his house on the killer design blog.


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[Breakfast: multigrain toast with butter and strawberry jam. green tea.]

Hi guys,

I just got back from traveling for a few weeks. Posts to come shortly and I be e-mailing the Kumaara giveaway winners today. Good news: Kumaara has generously increased the number of giveaway winners to 15!


But can you believe that Rihanna was on my British Airways flight from London to LA yesterday in business class? Thought she's be flying first. She was flying solo and looked the exact same as in photos. The picture above is from after she left the airport. Wish I had had her trousers instead of my jeans for the flight. I also love her Dallin Chase Jasper black leather jacket. I'm not usually a fan of ruffles, but this jacket is perfect.

Kumaara Giveaway

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[Breakfast: leftover salmon Benedict from Square One. Iced green tea]


I was excited to try a skincare line that uses some organic ingredients that I haven't seen in other lines. Kumaara incorporates trendy organic antioxidants (goji, Indian gooseberry, bearberry and acai) -- that improves skin's density, and elasticity. I haven’t tried out the night cream or eye creams long enough to see if they make a real impact, but I am really liking their Daily Antioxidant Protection with SPF 15 (though I wish the SPF was higher) and their Luminescent Primer. The primer is great to put on if you don’t want to wear makeup but want a glow, or of course under makeup. Up until now I really wasn’t a fan of primers. This one is subtle and my sensitive skin reacts well to both of these products. The only problem is that I'm almost out of them. The coolest thing is that the first 5 Breakfast at Tiffany’s readers to leave comments will win both of these products.

Prices of this line range from 29.95-59.95 and can be bought here .


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zac-efroni1.jpg zac-efron1.jpg

Is Zac Efron already starting to lose his hair? I don't understand why he has a combover. I've watched him on talk shows pushing his hair out of his face. When he was younger he had a normal haircut and a full head of hair. There are even unfortunate images of him with long hair. Is he currently wearing hair extentions or or is he paranoid about losing his hair? Something is going on. Maybe Zac thinks if he has rockstar hair, then he'll become one someday instead of being offered any more girlie musicals.


Reese's Yoga Pants Rock

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[Breakfast: homemade scallion and cheddar biscuit. Iced green and white tea.]

reese-yoga1.jpg reese-yoga-back1.jpg

Reese is wearing my favorite workout pants. The great thing about them is that they are very flattering and can be worn for variouos workouts. The pants are by Beyond Yoga and are a bit pricey, but I think they are worth it and are good quality. I even wear them hiking.

I See Stars

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[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt with blueberries and strawberries. Green/white tea with mint.]

jess-family1.jpg jess-family-solo1.jpg

I sat down at my favorite sushi bar last night (Yu-N-Mi sushi in Beverly Hills) and couldn’t help but think how bad Jessica Alba looked with blonde hair. Yes, there was a signed headshot of her along with other famous and not so famous actors on the wall. Obviously, the picture was taken when she was filming Fantastic Four and looked like a blue eyed blonde haired white girl—icky. About halfway through dinner, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren walked through the door and took a seat to the right of me (so Jess could look at her picture on the wall?). DK was surprised that Cash Warren wasn’t very good looking and that he was the one who was married to Jessica. I was surprised that Cash was left handed and spent the rest of the evening elbowing me and not saying “excuse me” or “sorry” once. WTF? I was at the point where I was going to say “Have you not noticed that you have elbowed me like 20x???!!!” when I decided that it wasn’t worth it since it was the end of the meal. As for Jess, she’s very cute and was not having a self-conscious actressy conversation. I thought she looked much healthier than when I've seen her in the past. She was wearing her hair back with a headband on. I wonder if she’s annoyed that she has a bad mom haircut? I’ve always thought that Jess has good style and seems to dress herself a lot of the time for her day-to-day life. Jess was wearing black and a cute floral scarf around her neck, which is one of her favorite accessories. She wasn’t looking ill, grumpy and there wasn’t a lollypop in site. Yes, Jessica Alba eats and I witnessed it. I am kind of shocked, but in a good way.

jess-family-soloish1.jpg jess-family-soloist1.jpg

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Fashion Accessory Du Jour

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[Breakfast: banana cream pie smoothie from]


I saw a woman wearing this necklace the other day and had to ask where she got it from. Miraculously it's from Urban Outfitters and is currently for sale online for less than $60. This Serpentine necklace comes in brass and silver. It's really a good investment because it looks like it's worth $300 and it's classic yet edgy, so it won't go out of style and can be worn with a T-shirt or an elegant dress.

Great Spring Accessory

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I love, love, love this AKA New York ombre scarf. It is made of lightweight wool, so it's a good transition piece. It reminds me of those gorgeous, bright Mexican blankets and will look great against all the black that I own. Kitson seems to have the best deal online. I also saw a similar scarf at Zara for a lot less money. What's up with Zara? Whenever I find something I like, they're always out of my size. I used to live by one and I'd go in there all the time and still not find my size.

I See Stars

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[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt. Green tea]


I was wondering who the rude guy was who was hogging the large couch at Toast smack in the middle of its lunchtime rush. And he was reading a script---wanna-be actor? When he finally got up, he looked familiar. I knew that he was a working actor. My lunch date and I were kind of drooling and she realized it was Rufus Sewell. I guess he’s currently working on a TV show called 11th hour, since LD pointed out he was reading an extremely thin script. That reminds me: I always wonder how Angelina Jolie has time to memorize her scripts. Maybe there’s a speed memorizing class you can take.

P.S. If you haven’t been to Toast lately, you must try their blue suede cupcakes—so good.

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