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TIFF Continued

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The place where everyone ends up late at night is the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt. When I went for the Summit party there, the security was crazy. You had to first check in downstairs, then ride an elevator that was separate from the hotel guests—they had an alternative bar that they were allowed to go to—and there was another list at the entrance to the party. A producer told me a story about how someone stuck a cell phone camera in a star’s face that he was hanging out with earlier in the festival, so I assume they were trying to keep that kind of riff raff out of the party.

Kate Beckinsale arrived with her husband Len, I assumed from her movie premiere of Nothing But The Truth. Why else would she be wearing a really fancy gray dress? She reminded me of a gothic Cinderella in her dark gray, jewel encrusted strapless dress that had a full billowy skirt. (Wow, the picture of her dress on film looks really different—it looks more casual and lighter in color). Someone mentioned to me that she’s as aloof as she looks. I don’t know about that, but I saw a screening of Nothing But The Truth and I wanted my ninety minutes back. It’s not a horrible film, but the screenplay is lacking. The twist ending came out of nowhere, but then I felt like seeing the film was even more pointless. It’s quite the nihilistic film, but if you’re going to see a depressing drama then The Wrestler is the one to see—one of the best movies of the year.

The place to eat dinner if you want star sightings—really all year long—is the Italian restaurant, Sotto Sotto. They even have the requisite wall adorned with photos of movie starts. It’s also a five minute walk from all the nice hotels: The Four Seasons, The Hazelton, Park Hyatt and Intercontinental. Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan were sitting with a friend (probably an assistant) at a table next to our table. Her table was one of the more private ones, but Evangeline was not happy with it. Her group was soon whisked off to a table inside of the kitchen perhaps? No one was gawking at her or bothering her, so I’m not sure why she wanted to move. I was surprised that she was so much shorter in person but then I read that she’s only 5’5—so that makes sense. Lilly has such a delicate beauty and was wearing a lovely long silk dress.

P.S. If you ever make it to Sotto Sotto, I recommend the spinach soup (great for actresses who don’t eat much) and the four cheese pasta.

Even More TIFF

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[Breakfast: buttered toast with strawberry and apricot jam]


Damn. I finally got sick and it wasn’t even from the obnoxious family who were coughing and not managing their small children on our plane ride back from Toronto. I got a ticket to the Emmys last minute, but I wasn’t feeing well enough to get ready and deal with the crowds, parking etc. by myself. Yes, I would have had to go by myself. Honestly, I wanted to go more for the red carpet than the awards. Actresses’ dresses often look so different in person and some colors photograph differently as well. I did go to a Celebrity Poker party and a gifting suite the Friday before the Emmys.

More TIFF. We were staying at one of the hotels where other stars were staying and there was also a gifting suite there. It was also a place where interviews took place, so there were always paps and autograph seekers standing outside our hotel. One time I was walking out the front door and some guy yelled,” You look very nice today.” I think he felt sorry for me since the crowd probably got bummed out when yet another non-famous hotel guest walked out. I appreciated the gesture. After a while I figured out I could enter and exit the hotel thru the gift store and avoid the walk of fame all together. I did see Emma Roberts, Arsinée Khanjian, Julianne Moore, and some twentysomething Japanese rock star or very famous actor.

The first party we went to was supposed to be the best party at Toronto. It was the Variety/eTalk party. I was so jet-lagged from coming back to LA from a week’s long vacation and then hopping on a plane less 36 hours later, that I didn’t last too long. (We had to leave for the party like an hour after we had arrived at our hotel.) The best thing about the party was seeing Diddy perform with a choir and seeing him walk by me after his set. Where we were standing was practically backstage. Samantha Ronson was DJing and Lindsay Lohan was hanging out. I also had a great drink that consisted of coconut water, vodka and liquor similar to Bailey’s. The food wasn’t so great. There was some kind of pork burrito and I wasn’t a fan of the passed hors’dourves. All of the appetizers from the parties blended together at the end: Roast beef bites, mushroom whatever, salmon (the one I liked) etc. It was good that most of them didn’t excite so I didn’t gain any weight. More on TIFF later.

I See Supermodels

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[Breakfast: a spinach, ham and cheese omelet from The Little Next Door. Cafe au lait.]


OMG, I totally love Linda Evangelista. She was one of the original supermodels before every model started using the moniker. I was shopping at one of my favorite LA boutiques called Creatures of Comfort when I recognized her from the other side of the room. Her face is so original that you really can't mistake her for anyone else. Even with sunglasses and a hat on I'd be able to spot her. I realized that she wasn't very tall (5'9 1/2 according to some websites) and she didn't have a stick-figure body that's all the rage with the teenage models. She's slim, but has curves which make her much better looking in person than most models I've seen. She has a pretty, girlish voice that provides a nice contrast to her androgynous looks. Whatever work she has done looked pretty natural, but I'm sure that she has one of the best plastic surgeons around. Have any of you seen Prada's recent campaign with her? She looks gorgeous.

Evangelista had spotted a pair of sandals on Creatures of Comfort's website that she had to have. (Yes, you can buy things off their website if you don't live in LA.) The store clerks were commenting on how nice she was after she left. Evangelista even had a car worthy of her stature: a gray Aston that was parked in front of the store.

The Rachel Zoe Show

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[Breakfast: cinnamon toast and white tea]


Are any of you guys watching Rachel Zoe’s reality show "Rachel Zoe Project"? I’ve watched the preview and one episode. So far it’s amusing because of the second assistant, Brad. A green assistant in fashion or the entertainment industry is always good TV. One of my sources told me during TIFF (Toronto Film Festival) that Zoe originally had another female assistant, but she quit because she didn’t want to be a part of the show--smart woman. What have I learned about Rachel so far? She’s a huge stress case; a triple Virgo (I feel sorry for her) doesn’t eat, is very insecure and is obsessed with fashion and her image. It is cool that she really lives and breathes for fashion, but in press articles she acts like she’s only doing the show to counter her bad publicity when she clearly likes the attention. It’s too bad that she can’t admit that she does like her own celebrity. I mean, doing publicity is what got her name known in the first place. She just got annoyed when people started writing not-so-nice things about her, which is what you have to deal with when you become famous---like, duh. If you asked most people, the only stylist they would be able it name, if any, would be Rachel Zoe. Bad publicity can’t be affecting her business.

Rachel doesn’t seem like a bad person, and I have no idea if those drug rumors are true. I still don’t get why Nicole Richie called her a” prune face” and wrote a blind item on her blog presumably about Zoe only eating a few spears of asparagus at Chateau Marmont during a dinner. Nicole Richie is going to be wrinkly at Zoe’s age because that’s what happens when you are undernourished. And do you really think that Nicole was eating a hamburger while Rachel was eating asparagus? At least Zoe admits that she doesn’t eat much. Does Rachel Zoe’s show prove that she’s a nice, normal person? I don’t know. I assumed that she was a typical neurotic, insecure workaholic who reminded me of a lot of the people in the entertainment industry, and she is. I doubt they’re going to show Rachel screaming at her assistants or being a bitchy bitch, even if she is, since the show is about getting her positive PR. If she did tell starlets to do drugs to lose weight, then that’s pretty evil. The show seems to be staying away from undernourished starlets and showing older healthier clients. If the goal was humanizing Zoe, then they are accomplishing that. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned about her by watching the show is how good she is at disguising her extreme thinness and flattering her figure with the clothes that she wears. Bravo, Rachel Zoe.

Management After Party Toronto

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[Breakfast: Fage yogurt with some ginger granola]


The thing that sucked about Toronto this year was the weather. I had to buy a winter sweater and a pair of jeans since it was mostly in the low to mid-60s. Last year it was in the 80’s. The good thing about the sweater was that it was by a Canadian brand named Line. The bad thing about buying stuff in Canada is that the dollar is pretty much equal and the tax is almost double. Of course, the only jeans that I liked the fit of were a pair of expensive True Religions. I wore them one rainy night to the after-party for Management, a movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn.

Since the weather was so bad, the party ended up being in a small bar area since most people didn’t want to hang outside. This was good because it meant that Jennifer Aniston was literally like five feet away from me the entire time. She always seemed like one of those celebrities that you could see having a margarita with and trusting to keep any secrets that you revealed while wasted. I still think that. Aniston doesn’t have that star “IT” factor in person, but it’s kind of refreshing that she really is the girl next door and her insecurity shows up as vulnerability instead of arrogance. It makes you really want to slug John Mayer for being such an ass about their breakup. One of my sources was telling me that it’s true that Aniston is a really private person and low-key. It’s also nice that she isn’t plastic considering that so many other actresses are so obsessed with perfecting their features. She does have a fabulous body, is not as tall as you would think, and is prettier on film.

Other than seeing Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn, the party was kind of boring because there were mostly managers and agents there.

More Toronto 2008

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Breakfast: TBA

The Windsor Arms Hotel was transformed with crystals and magenta orchids into a chic Hollywood soiree for the In Style/Hollywood Foreign Press Association party. I had been at the hotel earlier in the week for an after party for the Howard Zinn documentary The People Speak that Matt Damon was involved with and there was not a trace of the formally dull unadorned space. Tim Robbins was at both parties, though.

At the red carpet, Sophia Bush proved that vinyl leggings are still super stylish. She paired hers with a black blazer, stilettos and a flat ironed bob that was slightly longer in the front, but not too trendy. The guys around me were drooling. She definitely rocked the edgier look. A group of ladies who had never brushed up against Hollywood’s elite asked a guy in our group to take a picture of their Kodak moment. I later shared an elevator with them to the ladies’ room and overheard them raving about the hotness that is Ethan Hawke. I don’t agree, but I’ll admit that he does have a dash of charisma. We’ll see later on in the year if his star rises again. I’m still on Uma’s side—she’s a goddess and he’s forever a goofball, even though she doesn’t always make the wisest fashion decisions.

I spied the cast of Danny Boyle’s brilliant new film Slumdog Millionaire being lavished with compliments. Danny Boyle was there as well as the other director du jour, Darren Aronofsky, who made the ultimate come back this festival with The Wrestler after his esoteric flop, The Fountain. Aronofsky is married to Rachel Weisz who was the most beautiful woman at the party. She was wearing a skintight gray Herve Leger bandage dress and looked like a modern angel with her white skin, fuchsia lips and big curls. But, she seemed quite out of it. Perhaps she had stubbed her toe and had mistakenly mixed painkillers with alcohol?

Rose McGowan was prowling around the party in a blah LBD. Her face has relaxed some since her plastic surgery overdose. When was the last time that Adrien Brody shaved? He has one of those beards grown out just enough to be really high maintenance. Paris Hilton told me, “I love your dress!” and I was introduced to her man, Benji Madden. He seemed like he’d rather be tortured than be at the party. I really didn’t want to shake his hand because he seems skanky like Pete Doherty or Mr. Amy Winehouse. Nicole Richie definitely has the better Madden.

This was the one party where I wished I hadn’t eaten before since it was by far the nicest looking nosh at any of the parties that we’d been to. There was sushi eveyr where and even a proper dessert spread. I was drinking Grey Goose and soda, but also tried the canned Prosecco that the servers were passing around. Sparkling wine in a can doesn’t do it for me.

Ed Norton walked in as I was leaving. I was pretty shocked at his arrogance. Um, he’s so not hot, either. He has a really big forehead that could benefit from bangs. Other people seen: Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Raffalo, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scott Speedman, and Mickey Rourke.

Toronto: Gossip for Breakfast

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[Breakfast: apple coffee cake and a small skinny latte]

Well. I've been taking notes. I've been too busy watching movies, going to drinks, dinners and parties to write, so here's your first bite . I went to the In Style party the other night (more on that later) and snagged two gift bags--so maybe there will be a giveway. At another party that night I watched Pamela Anderson and Mickey Rourke making out for a long time in the VIP section. The general consensus was that they were an icky couple, but I think they're perfect for each other. Pam has always liked the white trash type of guy who has a history of addiction and who can throw her around in the bedroom. And, I know you're going to be shocked, but Mickey Rourke is about to be huge again. Sure, he looks nothing like he did in his youth (read: hot) but his acting chops are still there. The Wrestler was amazing. However, I hear that Mickey is all over the ladies, so Pam shouldn't get her hopes up. Not that she's looking for boyfriend material.

Rodan vs Griffith Sale

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[Breakfast: NY breakfast sandwich and iced tea from Joan's on Third]


I am tired of going to sales and trying on things that don't fit well or are the wrong color--duh, that's why they're on sale. I even went to the Barneys Wherehouse sale last week and didn't find anything, though I did see Samantha Mathis looking in the mirror at something forgettable that she was trying on. The best thing to do is make friends with a salesperson and then they will hold the item that you don't want to pay full-price for when it goes on sale.

However, Rodan vs. Griffith have a sale that is worth going to right now. They have some awesome organic cotton dresses on sale (among other things) in a myriad of colors and sizes that fit the slim and more curvaceous ladies. I got a pleated black dress there today that I'm going to wear like a tunic with a chunky loose belt--sooo cute. This store is frequented by celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Alicia Silverstone, but the owners give everyone equal attention without an ounce of snobbery. They also have fun monthly events, so be sure to get on their e-mail list.

P.S. They also have cool men's clothes and kids clothes on sale.

Rodan vs Griffith
8207 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca
(323) 951-0753
Fax (323) 951-9633

Nicole Paxson Online Sale

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[Breakfast: Morning bun and iced coffee]


You guys are very lucky. Nicole Paxson cosmetics are 30% off for Breakfast at Tiffany's readers through Labor Day. Just enter coupon code: SUMMERBEAUTY at check out. I hope you guys who won the giveaway are enjoying the makeup. My favorite products are their water resistant concealer and Monarch crème foundation. For heavier coverage her Mimosa liquid foundation and body coverage product, Zerene pudding are great.

This celeb friendly (fans include Christina Millian, Mischa Barton, Kristen Cavallari), line of cosmetics specializes in camouflaging flaws plus has SPF and is resistant to water. Nicole Paxson created this line so she could enjoy hot summer days swimming at the beach or pool, confident she looked her best, while protecting her precious skin. She started her company because she couldn't find the right products to cover her blotchy skin that resulted from her lupus. Her products are geared toward people with serous acne scars or other skin conditions that require heavier makeup coverage.


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The Most Expensive Iced Tea in LA

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Have any of you been to Cafe Midi/Maison Midi inside of American Rag? I was browsing around there today and decided to have an iced tea. I was charged $3.55 for a plain iced tea. That is so insane. It wasn't even that good. I mean, the owners must be delusional and think we are in Paris with those prices. Then I walked into American Rag and they told me that I couldn't even drink my iced tea while browsing. There was maybe only one othere person in the entire store. Those are two places that I'm not going to hurry back to anytime soon.

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