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A Rant to Remember

July 31, 2005
Part of: Rant

[Breakfast: fruit salad] OK, I haven’t had a great rant in a while. I have to feel very passionate about something or someone. So this, dear readers, is all about the man in my life, DK. And no it’s not...[More]

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JS Coupons?

July 29, 2005
Part of: Random

[Breakfast: watermelon] Sorry I haven't posted. I was having problems with my site yesterday. More posts soon, I promise. If any JS members have coupons that they can spare, I would be very grateful....[More]

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It's all about YOU

July 28, 2005
Part of: Scarlett Johansson , Trick Or Treat

OK, I will be posting later in the day. Meanwhile check out Screen*play's response the mememe here and Dudemanphat's MeMeMe as follows: The last movie I saw: 40 Year Old Virgin The last movie I bought: The Apartment Have you...[More]

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July 25, 2005
Part of: Trick Or Treat

[Breakfast: half of a croissant and half of an oatmeal/golden raisin muffin with a latte] More than a few of you have tagged me for MeMeMe's. Yes, I was aware and have ignored them. I don't want to sound ungracious,...[More]

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DK's Obsession Validated

July 22, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , LA

[Breakfast: a soy green tea latte] DK's obsession with car registration tags continues. Whenever he's driving down the freeway or on the street and gets bored, he checks out the expiry dates for vehicle tags, seeing if those cars that...[More]

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What Goes Around Comes Around

July 21, 2005
Part of: Food , Seinfeld-esque

Updated [Breakfast: a handful of red grapes and a soy green tea latte] Don’t hate me for making a recipe from The South Beach Diet book. I’m not a recipe snob, and DK thought it was one of the tastiest...[More]

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More Arresting Developments

July 19, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Television

[Breakfast: leftover frittata, green tea latte and 4 prunes] I asked another Fox insider about the status of the original writers from "Arrested Development." This person said that lots of the writers left A.D. to go to other shows. This...[More]

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The Sharks Vs. The Dolphins

July 18, 2005
Part of: Guest Bloggers , Hollywood

Assistant/Atlas' Breakfast : 4 Cups of Coffee, 1 Bottle of Gatorade (melon), 1 Packet of Glazed Donut Holes, 5 cigarettes (Parliament Lights). I'm so excited to be doing a guest blog for the illustrious blogebrity of my heart, Tiffany...[More]

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Letters from a Stepford Wife

July 17, 2005
Part of: LA

[Breakfast: buffet at The Viceroy] I was dining at a modest café in Sherman Oaks (yes, on rare occasions I do go to the Valley even though I loathe it) and this couple with a toddler came and sat at...[More]

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July 13, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Jessica Simpson

[Breakfast: a green tea latte] OK, we've all seen the zillion of tabloid magazine covers with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. I've even wondered what the reality of their reality is, even though I shouldn't care. But they did do...[More]

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Conversations at The Coral Tree Cafe

July 11, 2005
Part of: LA , Seinfeld-esque

[Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar] A girl in her early thirties asked her law school friend, "How long do people stay on death row for?" 4 girls in sweats: "Did you get your makeup done?" "No." "Your face...[More]

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R.I.P.-- A.D.

July 10, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Television

[Breakfast: a chocolate chip pancake and side of turkey bacon] Yes, all of the old writers (not producers) have reportedly been fired from "Arrested Development" and have been replaced by brand spanking new ones. And, yes, you read it here...[More]

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I Heart Jill Soloway...

July 08, 2005
Part of: Hollywood , Literati

[Breakfast: a handful of pistachio nuts] ...'cause she's like way funny *Updated Jill Soloway writes 7/10 join me as I turn fourteen on saturday, july 16th at 7:30 pm, come to this event for the book Three Kinds of...[More]

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I'm Gonna Be A Serial Killer

July 07, 2005
Part of: Guest Bloggers , Hollywood

Guest blog by BJ Bond I’ve had enough…I can’t take it any more…I need to take action… It’s gonna be tough…I’m gonna have to go to the places that I’m afraid to go…to delve into those deepest, darkest recesses of...[More]

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You Know You're at a Malibu Colony 4th of July Party when...

July 05, 2005
Part of: Hollywood , LA

[Breakfast: oatmeal with oat milk] ...the actors and actresses at the party have a headshot on the back of their party passes and you only have a Polaroid. My Favorite Celeb Sighting: Mos Def...[More]

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