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Anna Nicole Smith Loves Coke

September 30, 2004
Part of: Gossip

B.A.T. EXCLUSIVE Breakfast: scone and coffee I know many of you probably idealize Anna Nicole Smith. What’s not to love? She’s beautiful, thin, rich, a nympho, crazy, permanently high and has no boundaries. You were probably thinking it seemed impossible...[More]

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Reader Mail

September 30, 2004
Part of: Random

Updated* Alex writes (re: Jason Trawick): "I took your advice and I purchased VITALS MAGAZINE, you were right on the money - he's damn hot - do you think he swings both ways??? If so, I would like to get...[More]

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Ashmi Orgasms for Politics

September 28, 2004
Part of: Guest Bloggers , Politics

Breakfast: large coffee, 2 sugars, extra light w/whole milk (you can't get extra light w/skim) First, my apologies to our fabu hostess Tiffany and B.A.T. readers for the lengthy delay in posting my follow up. I had a family emergency,...[More]

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Coming Attractions

September 27, 2004
Part of: LA

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar --Celeb gossip --How Il Cielo partially ruined my Saturday night (I missed Hollywood Hell House, etc.) Il Cielo (Don't go) 9018 Burton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-276-9990 --Guest blogger Ashmi returns --A film...[More]

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Not a Hollywood Player?

September 23, 2004
Part of: Hollywood

Updated Breakfast: mini-baguette with butter and Bonne Maman strawberry jam Previously on B.A.T.'s: There’s a new "guy" (or "gay guy" and "straight girl") magazine** that I can’t remember the dumb name of, but its first issue has pictures of hot...[More]

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Photo Advice from SBM

September 22, 2004
Part of: Keira Knightley , Trick Or Treat

Breakfast: 5 grain scone and orange juice Successful Business Man has advised me that my online picture makes me look significantly older and more conservative than I am in real life (he laughed about me being conservative) "Why did you...[More]

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May a Thousand Michael Moores Bloom

September 21, 2004
Part of: Hollywood , LA

Updated Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on a bagel, orange juice and coffee Whether you agree with most along Pacific Coast Highway that Michael Moore is a great defender of freedom or with our Red State neighbors that find him to...[More]

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Arrested Development is a Winner

September 20, 2004
Part of: Television

Breakfast: black coffee and a Danish pastry Michael and I are ecstatic, though when Maria gives birth to their child, that will trump "Arrested Development's" Emmy wins. I don't have any Emmy coverage because my new favorite couple/best friends, B.J....[More]

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Miss White Trash USA

September 17, 2004
Part of: LA

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with swiss cheese on a lightly toasted egg bagel. I was at Cooke’s grocery store in Malibu buying two Volivic water bottles (I love that they have Volvic) and a 4-pack of *real* crab and avocado sushi...[More]

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Breakfast at Tiffany's ---Tres Famous

September 15, 2004
Part of: Literati

Breakfast: 5-grain scone and an iced coffee It's good to have brainy friends who will e-mail you press mentions from business publications. Thank you, Mickey Kaus. Blogs Take Lead Role In CBS Memo Furor INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY BY ED CARSON...[More]

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LA Questions

September 13, 2004
Part of: LA , Literati

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar 1. What is your favorite beach to cool off on? When do you go to beat the crowds? El Matador during the week. 2. If not the beach, where is your favorite cooling-off spot...[More]

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I Want to be a Producer

September 08, 2004
Part of: Hollywood

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar I was sitting in my friend’s office today wearing my baby-T from the musical, “The Producers.” On the front it says, “I Wanna Be a Producer.” This guy Paul showed up while my friend...[More]

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Jill Soloway's Groovy New Website

September 07, 2004
Part of: Literati , Television

[Breakfast: croissant with jam and coffee] Jill Soloway is gorgeous, talented and Jewish. She also has a crush on Google. Go visit Jill here. P.S. Maybe I should copy Wonkette and say: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S EXCLUSIVE!!! YOU MUST CREDIT B.A.T.!!!...[More]

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Leo’s are Raging Egomaniacs

September 03, 2004
Part of: Rant

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar Disclaimer: Leo’s please don’t send me hate mail. I have many Leo friends, and my rising sign is Leo, which means that I come off as a Leo. (BTW: My sun sign is Pisces,...[More]

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Awful Plastic Surgery

September 01, 2004
Part of: Gossip , LA , Television

B.A.T. has learned that a certain high profile plastic surgeon is in a tiff with a relative over a reportedly very botched surgery. Maybe it isn't the smartest thing to pray for a doctor in the family. It's much safer...[More]

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Political Question Du Jour

September 01, 2004
Part of: Politics

*Updated Breakfast: croissant with jam and coffee I will be posting later on. Wednesday: Do you support the law, passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Bush that bans partial-birth abortion? Thursday: Should we build President Regan’s SDI...[More]

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