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Stars R Us

November 30, 2004
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Simpson

[Breakfast: leftover pizza from Jones Hollywood] Star Magazine did a list a few months back about where to go to find the stars in L.A. I can't even remember where they said except for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on...[More]

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Donald Trump: You're Fired!!!

November 27, 2004
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: honey peanut balance bar] Donald's Trump Card If only I had the power to fire Trump for casting the most boring people ever for his second (and third?) season of The Apprentice. That's why this season doesn't have any...[More]

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Detested Development

November 22, 2004
Part of: Hollywood , Television

Updated* Breakfast: Mueslix with vanilla oat milk Fall season's biggest television disappointment: Arrested Development's second season. Talk about trying too hard to get more Emmys. Oh well, at least I have DVD season one ready to roll. And speaking of...[More]

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Sex Tip Du Jour

November 20, 2004
Part of: Random

Breakfast: super florentine omelette Guys, always be chivalrous to your honey. Open doors and graciously let her go first--then you can check out her fine ass and maybe cop a feel! Toddlite writes: "You found me out! As my dad...[More]

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Writing Tip Du Jour--Dialogue Pages

November 17, 2004
Part of: Literati

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar and 1/2 a Vitamin water (power-c) Why do a lot of screenwriters (even with agents) suck at writing dialogue? I do not know, but it is a pet peeve of mine. Sure you can...[More]

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Joel "Boring" Stein

November 12, 2004
Part of: LA , Literati , NYC

[Breakfast: small eggnog latte from Peet's Coffee (way better than Starbuck's] Columnist, Joel Stein, has been given an opinion page in the L.A. Times to write about the entertainment industry. WTF? A few weeks ago the New York Observer called...[More]

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Paris Hilton is a Stoner...

November 09, 2004
Part of: Gossip , Paris Hilton

...and other BAT mail Breakfast: scrambled eggs with swiss cheese on a toasted pumpernickel bagel from Bagel Nosh. A writes: "the fact that you've spent so many hours analyzing Paris is funny. I accidentally stumbled on your pathetic website and,...[More]

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Gossip and Lattes

November 02, 2004
Part of: Gossip

Breakfast: 1/2 of a breakfast burrito from Literati The industry rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were having sex in-between takes on Daredevil were obviously true. *Much more exciting news*: Eggnog lattes are now available at Starbucks. The rest...[More]

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