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Happy Holidays

December 22, 2004
Part of: Random

Tiffany with a friend's cat...[More]

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Reader Mail

December 20, 2004
Part of: Literati

Updated Breakfast: 3 peanut butter/chocolate chip uncle eddie's vegan cookies Likewise writes: "I did enjoy your recent entry and was wondering why you chose to strike through 'hot' as a prerequisite for a french tutor... because of loyalty to a...[More]

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December 19, 2004
Part of: Gossip , LA , Television

...or not! Breakfast: 1/2 omelette with spinach, onions and sweet peppers/ iced coffee from Main Street's farmers' market. While leaving Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the Third Street Promenade with Tobey, I spied Nicky Hilton with a friend, W.A.S.P....[More]

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B.A.T. Groovy Gift Guide

December 17, 2004
Part of: Random , Sparkly

[Breakfast: peanut butter think thin bar] Best Blogger Gifts Donations- My donation button is six boxes down on the right Best Unisex Gifts Gift Certificates Songs of Freedom [BOX SET] Bob Marley Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Best Unisex...[More]

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Top 10 Presents I Want/Wanted

December 14, 2004
Part of: Trick Or Treat

Apple iBook G4 Elsa Peretti® stacking ring (emerald, diamond or sapphire) Cashmere Hoodie Coach Hamptons leather buckle wristlet (in black) Banana Republic silk charmeuse camisole and pj pants Nip/Tuck - The Complete First Season MAC 6 Brush: Crystal (holiday limited...[More]

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Top 11 Presents I Hate

December 12, 2004
Part of: Random , Trick Or Treat

Breakfast: burrata caprese omelette and a mimosa from Broadway Deli Invisible Presents Don't tell me about how great my present is and then never give it to me. You people really suck and I can't figure out if A. You...[More]

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Obessive Coffee Disorder

December 09, 2004
Part of: Food , LA

Breakfast: mixed berry scone from farmers' market Best way to kill an hour on a Saturday: Drive around the West Side of Los Angeles looking for a Peet’s Coffee that doesn’t have a line out the door. You know when...[More]

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The Politics of Shopping

December 09, 2004
Part of: Politics

Tiffany's view: Dell computers and customer service suck. If you're buying someone a computer this holiday season, buy any other brand. Someone sent me this... With the holidays upon us, some of us might wish to be mindful of whom...[More]

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It's All About the Music

December 06, 2004
Part of: Music

Breakfast: brioche and a cafe au lait Note: I accidentily erased a post I just wrote. I will write it again. from Coachella 2005? Updated 10:31 PST Wed, Dec 01 2004 A totally unofficial, yet highly probable, partial line-up...[More]

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