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Gossip for Breakfast

March 29, 2005
Part of: Gossip

[Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs] A few of you hate when I write about Hollywood gossip, but I needed a filler so you won’t get annoyed with me. Yes, I still have trip stories to tell. Star sightings are a...[More]

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Tiffany and DK Ride the Tube

March 22, 2005
Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: a toasted croissant with jam and a latte]...[More]

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Tiffany's European Vacation- Part 1

March 22, 2005
Part of: Hollywood , Travel

People do drugs in Europe and the U.S... The U.S. tries its hardest to hide the drug innuendo in this poster. Doesn't "high times" mean fun times? But real stoners must know about the magazine "High Times," so we'll get...[More]

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Holiday Extravaganza

March 08, 2005
Part of: Travel

*Updated* [Breakfast: half of a Cobb salad] I'm off to London and Paris and probably won't be posting until I get back. xo- Tiffany (back blogging 3/21)...[More]

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Fruit and Honey

March 02, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Alba

Actresses diet for a living, but they also have money to spend on trainers, nutritionists and chefs. Why any of them would go on a fad diet such as the cabbage soup or popcorn diet is beyond me. I guess...[More]

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Calling all Parisians and Brits

March 01, 2005
Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: rice crispy treat] I'm going to London and Paris. Any of my fab readers have suggestions for groovy stores, restaurants, bars, etc? Cheers! Merci! Email me: Coming up on BAT: Juicy gossip...[More]

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