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At Home with The Huffington (and the Nation)

April 26, 2005
Part of: Hollywood , LA , Literati , Politics

Updated [Breakfast: a chocolate croissant and a latte] Disclaimer: Being on Sudafed ™ is like being on drugs. Luckily I was having a good hair day—my hair had dried naturally with perfect waves. My nose was red from blowing it...[More]

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A Blog Studded Event

April 25, 2005
Part of: Literati

[Breakfast: a cup of spinach soup from Le Pain Quotidien] Note: Unfortunately, I was very ill and contagious most of last week and couldn't make the L.A. Weekly's party for Jonathan Safran Foer or Fishbowl LA's launch party among others....[More]

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Faster Dust Bunny! Kill! Kill! Kill!

April 21, 2005
Part of: Literati

[Breakfast: breakfast wrap with turkey bacon and carrot juice from Blue Plate] Being sick sucks. The first two days I’m in denial, so I still work and possibly go out to dinner and see a movie—if I’m well enough to...[More]

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Letters To Have Sex To

April 17, 2005
Part of: Literati , Random

*Updated* (Yes, I purposefully ended that with a preposition.) [Breakfast: a jelly donut and coffee] OK, I finished moving today and am beyond exhausted. I also still have to go through some boxes at the new place and at my...[More]

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Bondage Bound

April 12, 2005
Part of: Britney , Gossip

[Breakfast: an almond croissant and a latte] *B.A.T. Exclusive* An MGM insider has told me that despite continuing rumors of who will be the next James Bond: Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, Julian McMahon, etc…the next Bond is Hugh Jackman. Jackman...[More]

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Tiffany's European Vacation- Part 3

April 11, 2005
Part of: Food , Travel

[Breakfast: croissant and a cafe au lait] I had never been to London before. What I really wanted to know was if it was true that there weren’t many attractive English women and that most English people have bad teeth....[More]

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Tiffany's European Vacation- Part 2

April 06, 2005
Part of: Food , Travel

[Breakfast: blueberry scone and a latte] The last big trip I’d taken to Europe spoiled me. I had long layovers that got me the Exit row seats, so I could pretend I wasn’t in Coach. This was especially easy when...[More]

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Rachael: Live and Uncensored

April 01, 2005
Part of: Food , LA

[Breakfast: turkey bacon and scrambled eggs] Rachael, my old friend and fabulous chef, writers on on her blog: West Los Angeles Farmers Market Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Yes, I know, this is a shameless plug…but since I am sincerely excited about...[More]

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