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Pretty In Pink

September 29, 2005
Part of: Seinfeld-esque

[Breakfast: a pumpkin and chocolate chip tofu muffin] I’m glad that I’m sick and can’t make my friend’s Vegas Bachelorette party this weekend. One of her bridesmaids is acting more like a maid of honor and has become a Nazi*...[More]

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Comedy for Katrina

September 27, 2005
Part of: LA , Television

Treitel & Schuster Appearance for Charity in LA THIS WEDNESDAY Sept. 28th, 2005 Mark Treitel will be appearing with Shoe Schuster at a Katrina Benefit this Wednesday in Century City, along with other Reality TV Stars, from "The Apprentice", "Amazing...[More]

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Annoying Things That Happened Yesterday

September 27, 2005
Part of: Food , LA , Random , Television

[Breakfast: cheesecake and a Mimosa] 1. I got that flu that’s going around (it sucks) 2. DK went to Groundwork coffee on Main Street to pick me up a latte and tofu muffin. There weren’t any tofu muffins left, but...[More]

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Paris Gives Good Hand

September 26, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: toasted pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese and a latte] With Paris Hilton it’s hard to figure out if most of her image is contrived. On one hand, I can imagine Paris looking at herself for hours in the multiple...[More]

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America's Next Top Role Model

September 23, 2005
Part of:

[Breakfast: apricot yogurt with Muesli] I caught the first episode of this season’s "America’s Next Top Model" last night. I never noticed before that Tyra Banks is tres arrogant and bitchy. Though I didn’t watch "America’s Next Top Model" last...[More]

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I Still Heart Jill Soloway

September 21, 2005
Part of: LA , Literati

[Breakfast: a handful of Muesli] For everyone who doesn’t know that I love JILL SOLOWAY, just do a search on my site. So I was thrilled when she invited me to one her BOOK READINGS. Typically you go to some...[More]

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Notes on the Emmys and E!'s Pre-show, etc.

September 19, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Television

[Breakfast: cinnamon/ginger yogurt with Muesli] --Star Jones’ head does not belong on her new body, nor do purple velvet curtains. --Pulling the plug on the sound when Kathy Griffin was going to say something mildly entertaining to Carson was a...[More]

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Rome Was Not Built By The Brits

September 14, 2005
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: the same as yesterday] I've deeply ruminated over the fact that the entire cast of the HBO series "Rome" seem to possess English and Scottish accents. Last time I checked, Rome was in Italy. (Really, they should call the...[More]

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No Lines For Paris, Please

September 12, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: apricot yogurt with Muesli] The latest In Touch reveals that Paris Hilton "had difficulty remembering lines as extra scenes for the movie [National Lampoon's Pledge This!] due out in November, were shot in Santa Clarita, Calif., in late August."...[More]

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Situation Comedy- Final Draft

September 09, 2005
Part of: Guest Bloggers , Television

[Mark's Breakfast: Because the Sparkletts water cooler was empty, my breakfast was a can of Vanilla Coke. I wouldn't recommend it.] Hi, everyone, this is Mark Treitel, co-writer of Sperm Donor and one of the stars of "Situation: Comedy". Yes,...[More]

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Situation: Tragedy- The Rewrite

September 08, 2005
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: a hard-boiled egg] Mark Treitel from the Bravo reality show "Situation: Comedy" sent me the following e-mail, forever clearing up that his name isn't "What's-His-Name" or "Shoe's partner". Now that I know that the season finale is this Friday...[More]

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Not So Random Thoughts

September 08, 2005
Part of: Food , LA , Literati , Mischa Barton , Random , Television

[Breakfast: a peanut butter Balance Bar] --Did anyone else notice that the Jewish wedding in the Wedding Crashers was filmed in a church or that Rachel McAdams is suddenly 28 in every publication instead of 29? --I finally got around...[More]

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Holiday Extravaganza

September 05, 2005
Part of: Travel

[Updated] Itinerary: Big Sur and Carmel, CA Days: 5 Transportation: DK's Porsche 911 Snacks: Trader Joe's "Nuts about Chocolate & Coconut" (with cashews and almonds) Trail Mix, "Simply Almonds, Cashews & Cranberries" Trail Mix, 4 Mango Fruit Leathers, 2 Santa...[More]

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Blogads for Katrina Survivors

September 05, 2005
Part of: Random

[Breakfast: half of a scone and PG Tips tea with cream] Normal programming will resume later today. However, in the meantime I've decided to donate 100% of my Blogads revenue for the next four weeks to one of the New...[More]

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