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Down And Out In Mexico - Part 1

November 29, 2005
Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: 2 piña coladas and huevos rancheros] Hola from Mexico. So yes, I am in Mexico on holiday and am writing — not a usual occurrence. If I could be disciplined enough to go to a tanning salon before this...[More]

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Nick and Jessica

November 27, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Jessica Simpson

[Breakfast: Papas y Queso from Quality] As always, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" only brings you gossip from the best sources. Will be back later. (P.S. Any JS members have coupons that you can spare? xoxo) Previously: Newlybeds Stars R Us...[More]

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Fabolous' Little Darlings

November 22, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Kate Moss , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: coconut macaroon and a glass of champagne] Ah, Paris and Stavros---the poster children for how to act tacky and outrageous while being sickly wealthy (well, Stavros is sickly wealthy at least). With Stavros alledgedly causing $100,000 worth of damage...[More]

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A Fair to Remember

November 18, 2005
Part of: LA

[Breakfast: TBA] The American Film Market ended a week ago last Wednesday. I only attended one event. (In the past I’ve gone to some screenings, but most of the films weren’t worth seeing and people pounced on me afterward, thinking...[More]

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Mr. and Mrs. Malibu

November 15, 2005
Part of: Brangelina , Gossip , LA

[Breakfast: a Bloody Mary and a slice of cold veggie pizza] I always wondered when I would have my first Angelina Jolie sighting. I never dreamed that it would be at How’s Market in Malibu—tres unglamorous. Not only was Angie...[More]

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A Hustler Sunday

November 14, 2005
Part of: LA

[Breakfast: A large eggnog latte from Peet's] DK and I made a pit stop at Larry Flynt’s sex store, Hustler, in Hollywood. It’s not our favorite sex store—that title would go to The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Blvd, but...[More]

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50 Cent Gets Rich - Friedman Dies Trying?

November 12, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Literati

[Breakfast: a chocolate chip cookie] Updated It seems everyone is out to get 50 Cent --- decrying his life story movie “Get Rich Or Die Trying” as a financial failure (bringing in ‘just’ $24m since it’s release on Wednesday). Drudge,...[More]

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American Psycho vs. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

November 11, 2005
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: pumpkin pie and a Hot Toddy] Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...I know that you are proud of being crazy and er, spontaneous to put it nicely. Until this week's "America's Next Top Model," I was leaning toward Jayla being the most...[More]

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Arrested Development on Death Row

November 10, 2005
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: Tortilla soup and a shot of Tequila] Despite AD coming back this week after a four week hiatus, Fox has decided to pull it from its schedule effective immediately. They've reduced their order for 22 episodes down to unlucky...[More]

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A Croc of Shit

November 09, 2005
Part of: Fashion , Rant

[Breakfast: pumpkin pie] A month ago, I noticed a pair of Crocs on a woman at an ATM machine. I was stunned that a grown woman was wearing pajama pants out, but then I noticed what was on her feet....[More]

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The Apprentice gets Anal

November 07, 2005
Part of: Television

[Breakfast: French toast] As usual, Thursday’s "Apprentice" had Donald Trump taking the piss out of the wannabe apprentices in the boardroom. Frankly all the wannabes this year are really boring. Supposedly they were handpicked by Trump. He was expecting higher...[More]

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Not Foxy over 40

November 03, 2005
Part of: Gossip , Television

[Breakfast: a breakfast burrito] My Fox insider says that there are alledgedly lawsuits pending (as far back as The X-Files) by former writers over wrongful termination for age discrimination. Blog Du Jour: Cooking for Engineers...[More]

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Sex Tip Du Jour

November 01, 2005
Part of: Random

[Breakfast: a bellini + two biscuits with whipped butter and honey] Do not under any circumstance let your brainy lover find out about Sudoku. Doing so may be hazardous to your sex life....[More]

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