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Dress Du Jour

April 30, 2008
Part of: Fashion , LA , Slice of Life , Sparkly

I love this Sass and Bide dress. I've been looking for a nice evening dress that I can wear in Cannes for the film festival and this would be perfect. If only I could find it in a store....[More]

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Happy Hour @ The Wilshire

April 23, 2008
Part of: Food , LA

Did you know that The Wilshire was recently re-reviewed by the LA Times and given 3 1/2 stars? I decided to try Happy Hour at The Wilshire after having to figure out a place where my newly pregnant friend...[More]

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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2008
Part of: Hollywood , LA , Politics , Random , Rant

Above we have Adrian Grenier hanging out in a hammock in Hawaii in-between filming scenes for Entourage. OK. I decided not to drive anywhere today. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Prius?) I wouldn't mind hanging...[More]

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April 16, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Hollywood

OMG, it's a Mom and her Goth teenager. Wow, Uma Thurman should really stop dressing like she's 60 and Evan Rachel Wood should get over trying to look like a cross between her beau Marilyn Manson and his ex,...[More]

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Fashion Accessory Du Jour

April 09, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Fashion Accessory Du Jour , Hollywood , LA

It's always best to be a step ahead of trends. Let's face it: By the time you buy what your favorite celebrity is wearing its shelf life is often limited. Over the weekend, I picked up a groovy Eugenia...[More]

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Beauty Products Du Jour

April 08, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Sparkly

I have some favorite products of late. I prefer shopping at Nordstrom and Sephora since they will take returns with no questions asked. Barneys New York also allows returns, but a lot of their salespeople are beyond aggressive. I...[More]

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"Ana" Alert

April 08, 2008
Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood

I've always admired former model Keisha Nash-Whitaker's beauty and fashion sense, but never realized that she was wasting away. She makes Kate Bosworth look healthy. Maybe Keisha was always on the brink of being too skinny, but wore clothes...[More]

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