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I See Stars

June 19, 2009
Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Food , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Music

[Breakfast: 2 slices of multigrain toast with butter.] Hilary Duff is quite the chic woman and healthy. The two pictures above show her at the airport recently. A lot of stars wear outfits that look like they'd be uncomfortable to...[More]

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Alexander Wang for The GAP

June 17, 2009
Part of: Fashion

[Breakfast: leftover favorite scramble from toast. multigrain toast from Breadbar with butter and strawberry jam.] The newest Gap design collaboration is with Alexander Wang, Vena Cava, and hat designer, Albertus Swanepoel . My favorte from the collection--all done in khaki,...[More]

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MACalicious 25% Discount

June 17, 2009
Part of: Fashion

MAC Cosmetics has a sale once a year. Last year it was 15% and this year using the code: SAVE 25 you can get a 25% discount online only. WTF?? That is a huge discount. I went to MAC...[More]

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My Travel Essentials for Europe *updated

June 15, 2009
Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt. 2 slices of turkey bacon. 1 slice of multigrain toast. green tea.] 1. Black Leggings -- If it gets cold, I can wear these under my dresses with ballet flats. 2. Two Scarves—One cashmere that I...[More]

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Fashionista Du Jour

June 08, 2009
Part of: Fashionista Du Jour , Hollywood , Rant

[Breakfast: leftover ny breakfast sandwich from Joan's on Third.] Jessica Biel looks cute here. She always looks cute, though I wish her lips were real. I've seen her around town a few times now and she seems like someone who...[More]

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June 04, 2009
Part of: Food , Slice of Life , Travel

[Breakfast: organic vanilla yogurt. green and white tea.] Whenever I get back from France I scan the “living in France blogs” and figure out which books on Paris I should read, and decide to learn more French. I’ve only taken...[More]

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Je t'aime Pierre Hermé

June 03, 2009
Part of: Brunch With Tiffany , Food , Travel

[Breakfast: favorite egg-white scramble from Toast. iced passion fruit tea.] Coming back from France always makes me depressed, the main reason being that the food is so much better there. I met a shop girl in Paris who had spent...[More]

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June 01, 2009
Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Music , Sparkly , Travel

[Breakfast: multigrain toast with butter and strawberry jam. green tea.] Hi guys, I just got back from traveling for a few weeks. Posts to come shortly and I be e-mailing the Kumaara giveaway winners today. Good news: Kumaara has generously...[More]

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