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Eternal Sunshine

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Breakfast: Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola (from Trader Joe's) with oat milk.

“Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind” touched me. It made me think about my greater sensitivity in the past week. I have a great capacity for seeing the core of people.

The other weekend I was at a party and observed a woman obviously infatuated with a married man she used to date. It felt almost like I was invading her privacy, witnessing her vulnerability while conversing with him. I watched her face subtly change fifty times in the span of a few minutes.

A few days ago I was talking to a guy about his ex-wife, and I saw through him, too. I saw pain in his green-blue eyes and in his sarcastic dismissal of her. Next I stepped away from myself and watched my body react to my attraction to him. (My cheeks were probably flushed and pupils dilated. I’m not attracted to that many people.)

It’s surreal when you can see an emotional map in people—we all have them. Most of us are too self-absorbed to notice them in others. Therapists are paid a lot of money to do this.

"Eternal Sunshine" shows the emotional map of Joel’s (Jim Carrey) relationship with Clementine (Kate Winslet). When Joel hurts Clem one too many times, Clem spontaneously decides to erase him from her memory. When Joel finds out, he does the same thing. During the treatment, Joel has second thoughts, so he starts resisting it. Joel’s memories start turning into a lucid dream.

I found “Eternal Sunshine" especially interesting because Joel and Clementine’s personalities are so different. At one point in “Eternal Sunshine,” Joel and Clementine are in bed. Clementine is talking incessantly. Joel says, “You know, just because you’re talking constantly doesn’t mean you’re communicating.”

It’s ironic how the differences that we love people for in the first place eventually start to annoy us. Like dreams, love shape shifts, and it’s not meant to be analyzed too closely. We can always pick apart love or a dream and find the negative that will cause the essence to crumble. Of course this is nothing new, but with two brilliant actors and an original screenplay it’s fresh and dreamy like a good first date.


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