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Part of: Random

Breakfast: 2 Nutri Grain Muffin Bar-Banana

FAQ for Breakfast at Tiffany’s

1. Will you cover my script?
If you want to pay my fee.
1a. Can I write you for advice?
Uh, no. I found out how to be a script reader without help and so can you. (tip: classes can be helpful.)
1b. Are you really a script reader?
I do still read scripts, but I've been promoted.
2. How do I get on your link list?
Do not ask me to link you. Be a fantastic mind, amuse me, be controversial, flatter me or donate a decent amount of money to me or a charity of my choice.
3. Do you accept advertising?
If you pay me a lot of money and I like and believe in your product.
4. If I send you an invite to a screening, event or party will you write about it here?
Possibly. It must be an A or B-list event.
4b. Will you come to my C-list event?
Not unless you're my good friend.
5. Do you hate publicists like a lot of writers do?
No, they are doing their job.
6. Do any of your family members work in the film industry?
7. If I hate your writing, yet still read your blog daily, should I be ashamed?
Yes, because you’re a jealous person with no life.
8. Why don’t you allow comments?
I like the Zen-ness of my site without them. Feel free to e-mail me.
9. Will you write for my publication?
Possibly. Inquire within.
10. Do you write for free?
11. Are you really like your site persona?
That remains to be seen.
12. Will you cry if “Arrested Development” doesn’t get renewed?
Yes. Edit: Uh, I'm not into the second season of AD.
13. Is it true that you enjoyed watching “America’s Top Model?”
Yes. I also watch “The Apprentice.”
14. Will you go out on a date with me?
No, I have a serious boyfriend.
15. Do you date writers?
16. Can I be a guest blogger?
Only if I ask you first, unless you are famous.
17. You say that people should ask for what they want. Why don’t you link people when they ask?
Okay, maybe I’m a hypocrite. I like having a short link list that reflects who I read and is not just a vanity list.
18. But don’t you care about how many people link you and how much traffic you get?
I have more important things to care about, like writing.
19. Are you a bitch because you’re pretty?
Yes, all pretty women are bitches.
20. Sexiest Actor?
Clive Owen.
21. Will you read my stories if I send them to you?
I already read enough.
22. Do you hate Paris Hilton?
No, I’ve never met her.
23. Do you mind if I call you "Tiff" or "Tiffy?"
24. Will you post new content this week?
25. Do you only eat breakfast?
26. Diamonds or pearls?
27. What's up with the pretentious French?
I'm taking French 1. The only way to learn a language is to speak and write it.
28. Is that a picture of you on your masthead?
No, it's a still of Audrey Hepburn from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
29. Do you write about people you date?
30. Can I have Jill Soloway's e-mail address?


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