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Random Things That Annoy Me

Part of: Random


Breakfast: crispy potatoes with green onions, black beans, cheese and fresh salsa

1. Pencils
2. Younger people calling me “sweetie” or “honey.”
3. Coming up with creative ways to not let my silverware touch a table in a restaurant.
4. Being carded and having that person quip, “I figured you were around that age.” (Then why did you card me genius?)
5. People who spell out teevee
6. When journalists use a pun or cliché proceeded by an apology.
7. When I end a sentence with a preposition.
8. Men who stick a comb or pick in their hair and use it every 10 minutes.
9. Guys calling me repeatedly and not leaving messages. (Do they expect me to call them because their number possibly showed up on caller ID?)
10. People who wear ill-fitting jeans
11. When I forget that Diedrich's coffee to-go cups leak each time you take a sip.
12. When a person I've just met uses the term "We" for everything. ( i.e. we are going to snowboarding) Please clarify who "We" is the first time, then you can use "We" forever after that.

JohnnyLandotter writes:

I'm sorry. I spelled TV "teevee" in a recent entry. I can only claim in my own defence, that the spelling was consciously done to elicit a laugh.
Ginger writes:
I had previously picked up the nasty habit of spelling out "teevee" from others in the blogosphere, but quit cold turkey after you had complained about it a few months ago. Now I cringe when I see it used. Thanks for setting me straight!
Robofrost writes:
I'm totally with you on the silverware balancing act. It's especially tough during multi-course meals to keep all the silverware off the table and on your plate. And then there's always that panicky moment when you unroll the napkin around your silverware for the appetizers and your meal hasn't come yet. Any secret techniques you can share outside sticking them in your water glass? I'm also always tempted to use my napkin to handle the ketchup bottles, the saltshaker, Tabasco sauce bottles, etc. that sit on restaurant tables, although I never do because I'd hate to have my date to think I was a nut job. But in an empty restaurant dining by myself...


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