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Pepito has Gmail, but...

Part of: Random


...his last paragraph in this e-mail made me laugh. The contest is still open.

Pepito H. Smith writes:

I dont want Gmail so I choose to show you what made me laugh this week that you wrote..

"P.S. Please use spellcheck and proofread your piece"

If anyone who reads you doesn't do this before hand when submitting something I'd shoot them...or give me the gun, I'll do it for you.

"So he wrote that his favorite food was pussy! Bleached blond exclaimed."

Okay I may be a tad rough around the edges as far as knowing what to say to a girl but what's wrong with this?

Movies Du Jour:

Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite

Blog Du Jour:

Will Chris Baer

*Chris Baer was a classmate of mine at Naropa University. He was getting an MFA when I was getting my BA. Anyway, I always thought he was nice, cute and talented. Oh, he's published a few novels, too.

Bloggers and Journalists that Suck Du Jour:

Ones that still are mentioning Kabbalah or the red string in relation to celebrities.

Note: I will not be reading you people anymore.

BTW: Just because a celeb is wearing one of those red strings doesn't mean they are into Kabbalah.


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