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GG: Vintage Gone Wrong

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Television
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus couldn't have picked an uglier dress. There's no way I'm going to call that "thing" a gown. Her poor breasts are flattened and what exactly is she holding? Is it a domino box purse that someone deemed hip, or a trendy toy that she borrowed from her child? I guess it really doesn't matter when you're a billionaire heiress.

It's pretty obvious that Jennifer Garner's stylist is Rachel Zoe. It's not a good thing when you look like a carbon copy of your stylist unless you're Nicole Richie. A more modern dress (instead of this vintage Galliano) would've suited Jennifer better.

JLo's dress isn't horrible, but it's boring. How many times have we seen Jen wearing that same '60s style dress and hair style?


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