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Rodan vs Griffith Sale

August 18, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , LA , Lindsay Lohan , Sparkly

[Breakfast: NY breakfast sandwich and iced tea from Joan's on Third] I am tired of going to sales and trying on things that don't fit well or are the wrong color--duh, that's why they're on sale. I even went to...[More]

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Nicole Paxson Online Sale

August 15, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Random , Sparkly

[Breakfast: Morning bun and iced coffee] You guys are very lucky. Nicole Paxson cosmetics are 30% off for Breakfast at Tiffany's readers through Labor Day. Just enter coupon code: SUMMERBEAUTY at check out. I hope you guys who won the...[More]

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The Most Expensive Iced Tea in LA

August 13, 2008
Part of: Food , LA

Have any of you been to Cafe Midi/Maison Midi inside of American Rag? I was browsing around there today and decided to have an iced tea. I was charged $3.55 for a plain iced tea. That is so insane....[More]

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Sin in Vegas

August 07, 2008
Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Rant , Travel

After a weekend in Vegas, I need a break from fashion victims. Let’s start with some positive fashion observance: Japanese women are the most fashionable. It’s not like I’ve been all over the world observing the way women dress,...[More]

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Breakfast at Joan's on Third

August 07, 2008
Part of: Brunch With Tiffany , LA

I am totally crushed out on breakfast at Joan’s on Third. They even serve breakfast until 12 pm during the week. Had I known that Joan’s on Third made the perfect omelette, I wouldn’t have had to go crazy...[More]

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Just a T-Shirt

August 05, 2008
Part of: Fashion

[Breakfast: a goat cheese and asparagus omelette from Joan's on Third] Yes, I spent over a hundred dollars on a cotton T-shirt. And, yes, I find this amount for a T-shirt offensive. Whenever I don't fork out the money for...[More]

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